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Bios - Legion of Superheroes

Voiced By:
Matt Czuchry as Brainiac 5
Googy Gress as Bouncing Boy
First Appearance: "Far From Home"
Position: Legion of Superheroes Members
Bio: A group of superpowered heroes, not unlike the Justice League, that reside in the future. Hundreds of members display various amounts of power, but all are loyal to one another.

When Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy remained the only members that the Fatal Five hadn't put under mind control, they pulled three Justice League members from the future to their time. Both Green Arrow and Green Lantern returned, but Supergirl remained behind. Not only because she liked a boy there (Brainiac 5) but also because she felt more at home in the future, with technology that was similar to what she had on her home world.

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