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Bios - Scott Free / Mr. Miracle

Voiced By: Ioan Gruffudo
First Appearance: "The Ties That Bind"
Position: New God; Husband to Big Barda
Bio: As a child, Scott Free’s frequent attempts to leave his imprisonment at Granny Goodness’s X-Pit were met with failure each time. Determined to escape and free those enslaved with him, Scott continued his attempts to freedom until he eventually succeeded. Freeing others along with his future wife, Big Barda, they broke free of Granny’s brainwashing. As it stands, Scott is still the only one to escape the X-Pit.

Always attempting fantastic and death-defying stunts, Scott dubbed himself “Mr. Miracle” and made a life as not only a superhero but as an escape artist. Aided by his wife, Big Barda, and his father-like figure, Oberon, Scott attempted a harrowing stunt while being tied up, locked in a metal case and then a coating of ice. Not stopping there, a train Engine was dropped on top of him. Though the odds were against him, Mr. Miracle still escaped. In the haste, Granny Goodness captured Oberon and transported him back to her hideout on Apokolips.

Striking a deal with Mr. Miracle and Big Barda, Granny Goodness offered Oberon back safe and sound in return for the freeing of Kalibak from the X-Pit. Knowing they’d get Oberon back no other way, they had no choice but to agree. Miracle and Barda turned to the Justice League for aid, but found nothing. Seeing it as a mission that would aid three and sacrifice thousands more, J’onn dismissed it, much to Flash’s protests.

Going behind his back, Flash helped Mr. Miracle and Barda free Kalibak. With Flash’s speed, Barda’s strength and Mr. Miracle’s powers, as well as his ability to escape any situation, the three invaded the X-Pit. Though the structure was different from when he was there as a child, Mr. Miracle succeeded with the help of Barda and Flash.

Before giving Kalibak over to Granny, they boomed back to Earth to exchange him for J’onn, who took the form of Kalibak to fool Granny. Reading her mind, J’onn guided Flash to Oberon’s location before he was chopped into pieces by Granny’s machine.

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