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Bios - Tala

Voiced By: Juliet Landau
First Appearance: "Doomsday Sanction"
Position: Dead
Bio: Sorceress for Cadmus, Tala helped retrieve the sorcerer Felix Faust’s soul from Tartarus, trapping him in a mirror for safe keeping. With his teachings and her own knowledge, she was to disable the Annihilator’s only weakness. Unfortunately, during the spell, Faust tricked her into freeing him from his mirror prison and putting her in there instead; Faust took control of Annihilator’s body.

Grodd was able to free Tala from her imprisonment in the mirror and in return gained a sorceress for his Legion. Grodd used her knowledge to steal a mystic totem from Nanda Parbat and Grodd later used this totem in Gorilla City to attempt to turn the entire world into apes. Grodd's plan failed when the Justice League and Deadman showed up, however and was forced to retreat.

Luthor later overthrew Grodd as leader of the Legion and Tala had no problem with this leadership change, despite feeling loyal to Grodd for freeing her from the mirror.

Tala later turned on Luthor after he shunned her in every way possible. Freeing Grodd, Tala set out to cause a massive upheaval in the leadership in the Legion. This was unsuccessful after Luthor pushed Grodd out an airlock of the now space-born Legion headquarters. Luthor used Tala's body to harness the power needed to resurrect Brainiac from the debris of his exploded headquarters. What Luthor resurrected, however, was something he had never intended to: Darkseid.

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