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Bios - Princess Diana / Wonder Woman

Voiced By: Susan Eisenberg
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Justice League Founder
Bio: Now granted her full powers, Diana is more powerful than ever. One of her newest abilities is her magic lasso, able to draw the truth from whoever is under its influence.

Before leaving Tartarus after attempting to destroy Felix Faust and re-seat Hades on his throne, Hades told Diana that he had helped her mother, Hippolyta, sculpt Diana from clay; Diana refused to believe him, despite a convincing testimony.

Agreeing to her Motherís pleas of representing Themesycra in The United Nations, Diana strongly opposed and eventually upset several other countries representatives with her views on global warming. With her new position offering her even more power, the Justice League now potentially have a say with the United Nations.

For more information on Wonder Woman, check out her Justice League Bio.

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