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Bios - Zatanna

Voiced By: Jennifer Hale
First Appearance: "Initiation" (Cameo); "This Little Piggy" (Speaking)
Position: Justice League Member
Bio: Daughter of the great Zatara, Zatanna quickly became as good, if not better, than her father. She later learned that there was more to magic than smoke and mirrors—and that there was such a thing as real magic. Though she mainly uses the old tricks in her shows, Zatanna has been known to use the “real thing” in her closing acts for an extra bit of dazzle.

Batman called upon Zatanna’s abilities when Wonder Woman had been converted into a pig by the sorceress Circe. Though she was unable to convert Wonder Woman back and incapable of locating Circe, Batman called on a favor that led to a meeting with Circe’s cell-mate back in the Pit of Eternal Torment: Medusa. From her they learned that Circe had always wanted to be a singer and that she was headlining at a club. Wasting no time in getting there, Batman quickly struck a deal with Circe to allow Wonder Woman to be human again.

This deal allowed Zatanna and Circe to be the only two women to have seen Batman do one thing he had never done in public before: sing.

For information on Zatanna, check out her B:TAS Bio.

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