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To Another Shore

Episode #30 - To Another Shore
Original Airdate - September 24th 2005

Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000-year-old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, the Viking Prince.

Originally titled "Elegy."

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Kristopher Carter
D.R. Movie Co., LTD.

Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman
Carl Lumbly as J'onn J'onzz
Kin Shriner as Green Arrow
Scott Patterson as Agent Faraday
Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor
Powers Boothe as Grodd
Michael Beach as Devil Ray
Jennifer Hale as Giganta, Killer Frost
Lex Lang as Heatwave

Screen Grabs


Sound Clips

"Mr. Teriffic can fill in." (MP3, 123kb)
"What're you doing here?"" (MP3, 346kb)


After a disappointing “Chaos in the Earth’s Core”, we got a pretty good episode with Wonder Woman in “To Another Shore.”

The basic story here is that a Scandinavian warrior named Prince John (or “The Viking Prince”) had a love thing going on with a Valkerie and the Norse god Odin got mad, forbade John from ever being with the Valkerie. Begging forgiveness, Odin gave in and said that if John died a heroic death, he’d be reunited with his true love. Odin, however, gave John invulnerability to metal, wood, fire and water, so John could technically never die. But, that all changed; John sailed north and away from all of the knowledge of men, where he (and his ship) was later frozen in a glacier. I guess Odin was a crappy god, since he didn’t protect John from freezing to death. That or he knew John would freeze to death and that’ not very heroic…so either way, John got screwed. Moral of the story is to not fall in love with a Valkerie.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Gorilla Grodd and his Legion went after this frozen Viking ship after it was discovered as a glacier melted in the arctic. Grodd wanted to reverse engineer Prince John’s immortality to…well I guess give himself immortality. We don’t really know since the Justice League foiled his plans again (per usual).

In addition to the cool Viking flashback (more on that later) and more expansion on Wonder Woman’s character, we actually got to see J’onn in action (though we did see him in action in “The Ties That Bind”, “Panic in the Sky” and “Divided We Fall”). Not only this, but at the end, J’onn leaves the Justice League in order to reconnect with humanity, since he’s a Martian and is going to live a long, lonely life otherwise. While he’s leaving, we get a rather sad poem that Wonder Woman recites which doubles as a send off for both Prince John’s ship and J’onn. It was a rather touching ending; I hope we see more of J’onn in the future; he’s always been a favorite character of mine.

But, enough about the heroes, lets talk about the Legion some more. We got to see the debut of Black Man—er, Devil Ray, Heatwave and the reappearance of Giganta and Killer Frost. While they’re all bad in their own way, Killer Frost really shined in this episode, with some gorgeous ice animation, a few humorous quips and a lot more chatter from her this time compared to her only other (speaking) appearance in “The Secret Society.”

The animation was pretty damn good looking in this one. In addition to the aforementioned ice effects for Killer Frost, we had some (admittedly not animated completely) awesome looking drawings for Prince John’s flashback; I’m going to assume producer Bruce Timm drew these, as they look like his work. They were gorgeous to look at, whether the still frames or the panning shots, it was all awesome to behold. Timm seems to do flashbacks of this sort well; there was a similar batch of these in Justice League's “Paradise Lost” as Diana told the history of Themiscrya, Hades and Hippolyta.

The music was good as well. The score accompanying the history of Prince John was extremely soft and very nice sounding; I’d love to hear it without Grodd talking over it…it fit the images incredibly well and the rest of the show had some nice cues as well, especially at the end with the John/J’onn send off.

Overall this was a pretty good episode. With the exception to the extremely odd Wonder Woman spin/change (homage to the show, I know…doesn’t make it any less odd), it was a solid episode. We saw Giganta have her head shorted out like Metallo did in “Chaos at the Earth’s Core”, more Green Arrow (who had two of the best lines in this episode: “You did it in ink again, didn’t you?” and “And Black Canary said a saw-blade arrow was self-indulgent.”), more Agent Faraday. All in all it was a pretty fun time to be had. Too bad we won’t see anymore new episodes for awhile…

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