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The Return

Episode #7 - The Return
Original Airdate - September 18th, 2004

Nearly two-dozen heroes join forces to prevent an all-powerful android from reaching his goal: the recently reformed Lex Luthor.

Review by Stu
Media by Bird Boy, Jim Harvey
Story by Stan Berkowitz
Teleplay by J.M. Dematteis
Directed by Joaquim dos Santos
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation Services by D.R. Movie Co., LTD.

Phil LaMarr as Green Lantern
Carl Lumbly as J'onn J'onzz
George Newbern as Superman
Maria Canals as Hawkgirl
Robert Picardo as Amazo
Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor
John C. McGinley as The Atom
Will Friedle as Kyle Rayner
Oded Fehr as Dr. Fate
Nicholle Tom as Supergirl
Jennifer Hale as Inza

Screen Grabs


Every so often in a TV series we get a string of stellar episodes in a row, episodes which you can’t really complain about, and have nothing but praise for them. Superman: The Animated Series season one, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, even Justice League season two are among them. Then occasionally, you’ll get one that completely knocks it out of the park, and leaves the others trailing behind in its brilliance. Welcome to "The Return".

AMAZO was arguably one of the best villains in Justice League, and the ending of Tabula Rasa was begging for a resolution. One can’t complain with the end of Tabula Rasa, it never felt like a cop out, but the opportunity a sequel presented was something that made your mouth water.

One of the coolest things was undoubtedly the return of Kyle Rayner, complete with Will Friedle, Batman Beyond himself voicing the character. As one of the few things Internet fan boys hadn’t ruined for me, it was great seeing Kyle again. Most of the Green Lantern corps received ultra cool new redesigns. They don’t look like a militant force anymore, but I really didn’t care. New designs = cool, to put it simply.

One of the main complaints is that this episode should have been 2 parts, which is utter bollocks in my opinion. There was no need to pad this out, it was inevitable that Amazo would reach Luthor; do we really need another 15 minutes of him getting there?

What did happen in the mere 22 minutes was some great development for both Luthor and AMAZO. AMAZO actually had reason to return; he’d learned what he needed to and still didn’t know the meaning of life. Something we can all relate too.

The Atom was also pretty cool. I’ve never really cared for him in the comics, but he was interesting here. His voice was absolutely brilliant. The only thing missing was the fact he didn’t call Lex a girls name every time he addresses him... I’m aware if you don’t watch Scrubs that joke will fly over your head. It’s your fault, you should watch Scrubs ;)

The ending came as a shock and a half. Not quite sure what’s going to happen with Dr. Fate and Hawkgirl… guess we’ll all have to wait for JLU to return.

Overall: Best. JLU. Ever.

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