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Releases - DVD - Season 1, Volume 1: Saving the World


Release Information:
Format: DVD
Announce Date: 12/7/04
Street Date: 2/15/05
Closed Captioning: Yes
MSRP: $14.97
Packaging Type: DVD tray (FLP snapper); Amaray Case (Not Yet Released)
Media Quantity: 1
Sound Track Language: English
Run Time: 70
Aspect Ratio:
Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]

Sound Quality:
Espanol: Dolby Surround Stereo 2.0
English: Dolby Surround Stereo 2.0

English, Francais, Espanol

Special Features
Challenges: "Save Gorilla City" menu challenge
Featurette: "Justice League Watchtower Database"
Other: "Toon Topia" bonus episodes:
1) "Superhero Intern"
2) "Keepin' Up With the Joneses"

Official Description: Three new episodes from the most famous superhero library, DC Comics, available for the first time on DVD.

1) "Initiation": A reluctant Green Arrow joins forces with the new Justice League to stop a rampaging nuclear monster in Asia.

2) "Hawk and Dove": Wonder Woman teams up with super-powered two brothers, one warlike, the other a pacifist, to stop Ares's plans to escalate a European civil war into World War III.

3) "Kid Stuff": Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are transformed into eight year olds in a desperate attempt to save the world from the magics of Mordred.

Review: So are there any redeeming qualities to this release? No really. "Justice League Unlimited: Saving the World" collects three meager episodes from the show's first season, and presents in the worst way imaginable.

Collecting three stand alone episodes - Kids Stuff, Hawk and Dove, and Initiation - this DVD presents them in their fullscreen glory. Wait...fullscreen? Don't you mean Widescreen? That's right, instead of giving us the original aspect ration, widescreen, WHV gives us a cropped fullscreen transfer. Want to know what else is frustrating? The ads for this DVD show widescreen! I was just blown away when I saw the commercials for the DVD and realized how badly they bungled this release.

The episodes are all pretty standard with Initiation being the strong of the bunch. Each episode is packed with widescreen action (yet we're forced to see it in full screen), which is animated quite well. The audio and video transfer is solid as any WHV release. That, sadly, is probably the most praise this DVD release is going to get.

There are little to no redeeming qualities to this release. The cover art features out dated characters models on a poorly constructed layout. The menus are pretty standard, and the extras are weak even for a kiddie release. The recent The Batman DVD is stronger than this release. At least that one had an Amaray case. We're stuck with the usual cardboard and snapper layout.

There's not a single reason to pick up this DVD. If you're so desperate to view any of the episodes on this DVD, and are willing to settle for fullscreen, then go for it. With the inevitable box set release in a year or two, there's no reason to waste $10 - 15 on this DVD. This is a very poor effort on WHV's part. I don't understand how they can release excellent Batman and Superman box sets, and then dump this on the shelves. It makes no sense, and trying to understand why this DVD exists is more time you shouldn't waste on it.

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