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Bios - Jimmy Olsen

Voiced By: David Kaufman (I)
First Appearance: "Last Son of Krypton"
Position: Photographer for the Daily Planet

Bio: A poor kid from Suicide Slums, Jimmy Olsen quickly learned the rules of the street in order to survive. He grew up fast on his feet, smart with his tongue and if need be, hard with his fists. He's the sharper cool, urban kid our young audiences will instantly root for. In addition, he's Superman's pal, which isn't too shabby, either. Working as a photographer for the Daily Planet has been Jimmy's dream, and even though he's just freelance now, he's after Perry White to hire him on full-time. Even so, that doesn't stop Jimmy from acting like he's already a core member of the staff. When Perry calls Clark and Lois into his office for a secret briefing, it's not uncommon for Jimmy to tag along, nodding his head intently with everything Perry says until Perry notices Jimmy's there and tosses him out.

It's not that Jimmy's a troublemaker, he's simply one of those confident, unflappable kids who has no idea that he frequently oversteps his boundaries. Jimmy's a techno-geek and an expert with computers, modems, and of course, cameras. Also, Superman has given Jimmy a signal watch, for whenever Jimmy or Lois find themselves in extreme danger. Superman will always come if Jimmy needs him, but has also warned Jimmy to use the signal only if it's an emergency.

When he's not hanging at the Planet, Jimmy lives with his mother Sarah in a modest Metropolis apartment. He doesn't spend much time there, preferring to be out following up some news lead like his heroes, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Nothing stops Jimmy once he puts his mind to something. He's impetuous and sometimes foolhardy when it comes to getting that big photo scoop.

Bio (Cartoon Network): Jimmy is a free-lance photographer for the Daily Planet. Even though he's really still a kid, Jimmy's journalistic heroes, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, treat him like a trusted colleague. Growing up in Suicide Slums has given Jimmy the right mix of toughness and ambition required of a guy in his line of work. Jimmy's not only good with a camera; he's also pretty handy with hi-tech gadgets and other electronic devices.

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