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Bios - Sollis/Lightray

Voiced By:
First Appearance: "Apokolips...Now!"
Position: New God

Bio: Lightray was originally a child named Sollis, one of the New Gods living on the planet New Genesis. When he was a boy, Sollis and his older brother, Arkal became friends with another New God, Orion. Arkal was killed by the "Bugs" a race of insect-like humanoids living beneath the surface of New Genesis. Lightray was deeply pained by his brother's death. The friendship between Orion and Lightray however, has blossomed throughout the years into a brother like relationship.

One day Orion, Sollis, and their older friend Metron investigated a large hole on the surface of New Genesis. Within was an outpost of soldiers from the planet Apokolips. These had been soldiers transformed by an an energy bomb into beings composed of solar energy. The soldiers attacked the group and bombarded Sollis with solar energy blasts. Orion fought the soldiers, and finally Metron, after summoning help, rescued the two boys while the arriving New Genesis soldiers defeated the energy beings. As a result of the energy blasts he took, Sollis lay in a coma. After a month of effort, Metron succeeded in reviving him. Sollis learned that his body had absorbed the solar energy fired at him and that he somehow gained solar energy powers and renamed himself Lightray. Lightray has been a staunch ally and friend of Orion in his battle against the forces of Apokolips.

For more on Lightray, see his Justice League bio.

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