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Bios - John Henry Irons/Steel

Voiced By: Michael Dorn
First Appearance: "Prototype" (as John Henry Irons); "Heavy Metal" (as Steel)
Position: Ally to Superman, Scientist

Bio: John Henry Irons was an inventor and researcher for LexCorp. He developed the ultra modern police suit, code named the "Prototype". It is a supersuit which allows members of the Metropolis PD to have the same abilities and power as Superman. When the suit took control of the subjects mind and caused the officer to lose control, Superman and Irons decided it was not ready for use, and must be destroyed. Superman told Irons that if he could go back and improve the suit, he could use the help. Irons quit Lex Corp and went to work on improving the suit.

When Irons witnesses the return of Metallo, who is on the verge of destroying Superman with his Kryptonite powered exoskeleton, Irons knows he must act. He dons the new suit he has been developing, and grabs the battle hammer he made to go with it, and Steel is born. He saves Superman's life and the Man of Steel has a friend and comrade in the fight against evil in Metropolis.

Check out more in Justice League Unlimited.


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