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Bios - Daniel Turpin

Voiced By: Joseph Bologna
First Appearance: "Tools of the Trade"
Position: Ex-S.C.U. Member, Deceased

Bio: Maggie Sawyer's hard-bitten (and hard-biting) partner in Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit. Turpin is as tough as they come, an old-style cop who believes in giving it to the bad guys as nasty as they dish it out. Turpin is also the S.C.U. to resident weapons expert, equally at home with the latest electron blaster as he is with his trusty old .44.

Turpin likes and respects Superman, but is not one to rest on his rear while waiting for the guy in blue to save the day. Given a choice, Turpin would rather be in the thick of action, slugging it out himself.

Turpin gave his life defending Metropolis from Darkseid and his minions. Turpin is now considered a legend and a hero among the Metropolis and likely around the world as well.


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