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Bios - Granny Goodness

Voiced By: Edward Asner
First Appearance: "Little Girl Lost"
Position: Enemy, Head of Darkseid's Orphanage

Bio: Psychopath Granny Goodness is the head of Darkseid's Orphanage, a place for the children of Apokolips to learn. Granny Goodness appears to be an elderly woman, but is in fact quite powerful. She operates her orphanage on Apokolips where she trains Apokoliptian youths in the arts of combat. Her methods are surpassed in their cruelty only by those of Desaad.

She first organized the Female Furies, and it was she who supervised Scott Free's training as an aerial trooper. Since Scott's escape from her orphanage and Apokolips, she has become obsessed with his recapture. She indoctrinates the children into becoming good little soldiers of Darkseid. Her two most notable failures are Scott Free, who becomes Mr.Miracle, and Big Barda.

For more on Granny Goodness, check out her Justice League Unlimited bio.

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