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Bios - Leslie Willis/Livewire

Voiced By: Lori Petty
First Appearance: "Livewire"
Position: Enemy

Bio: She was radio shock jock Leslie Willis, until conducting a rally during an electrical storm at Centennial Park changed her into Livewire. A being of living electricity, Livewire is one of Superman's most unpredictable enemies. Permanently changed in an electrical accident, Livewire now puts her powers to use by engineering impossible electrical-based crimes.

Livewire can contain amounts of electrical energy so great that a full, concentrated charge could reduce Superman to atoms. She can also fire lighting bolts from her hands and eyes and travel through powerlines as pure energy.

Bio (Cartoon Network): Once upon a time, Livewire was a radio talk show host named Leslie Willis. A freak electrical accident transformed her into the evil villain Livewire. As a superhuman being of pure electricity, Livewire is able to travel through just about any conductive material (whether it be household wiring or metal beams). She can also fire lightning blasts of electricity from her hands and eyes. An extremely powerful adversary, Livewire can create charges deadly enough to threaten the life of the Man of Steel himself. Now there's a shocker.

For more on Livewire, see her Justice League bio.

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