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Media - Intro and Credits
Show Intro

Remained consistent for the show's first season. Intro consisted of clips from first season episodes with very little new animation (Superman rim lit against Metropolis sky and zooming red "S" at end) was added.

This intro was later replaced with the The New Batman / Superman Adventures intro and theme during season two and onward. Original theme and credits would be reinstated when moved to other networks.

The extended theme is found on the VHS/DVD release of the Batman / Superman Movie. Due to the length of the film, the credits rolled longer and this two and a half minute version of the Superman: The Animated Series intro and credits was used.

Theme (MP3, 710kb)
Extended Theme (MP3, 1.8mb)


Show Credits
Credits remained consistent throughout all seasons. Background image was drawn by Bruce Timm and submitted for consideration as the emblem for the product line and all marketing relating to Superman: The Animated Series. The higher-ups didn't find the image "iconic" enough and went with a broader image.

Credits (MP3, 371kb)


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