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How to Draw Superman
by Ty Templeton, Walter Foster, John Delaney (Illustrator), Ron Boyd (Illustrator)
40 pages
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub; (February 1998)

So grab your art supplies and get drawing!

Superman: The Animated Series Guide
Written by Scott Beatty, Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (Creators)
Hardcover: 48 pages
Publisher: DK Publishing; 1st American Edition edition (May 2003)

Flip through these pages to find in-depth profiles of Superman's friends and foes, annotated illustrations of key weapons and places, "Episode Panels" to help place each character in specific storylines, and "Super Data" panels featuring vital stats for all the major players.

Superman: The Animated Series Guide is based on the popular television series, which stayed true to the original Superman story while updating the characters and settings with stunning visuals and animation techniques. DK and DC Comics team up to bring these same classic storylines and new, exciting styling to the page.

Superman: The Animated Series Sticker Book
Written by Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Softcover: 16 pages
Publisher: DK Publishing; 1st edition (October 2003)

There's no rest for the Man of Steel. If he's not dealing with local criminals, he's battling the hordes of cosmic villains who threaten Earth-and sometimes the entire universe. Packed with more than 60 reusable stickers and background information on his allies and enemies, kids can create their own Superman scenes with The Animated Series Superman Sticker Book.

I Hate Superman!
Hardcover: 31 pages
Publisher: Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd); (June 1996)

Based on the storyline of the popular DC Comics superhero, a colorful original adventure follows the Man of Steel's confrontation with a child who has lost faith in him. By the author of Superman: Doomsday & Beyond.

Superman and Wonder Woman
Ages 5-12

Your child is off on a magical adventure to the Natural History Museum when all of a sudden the museum exhibits come to life! Your child will also help Superman and Wonder Woman defeat Mxy and save the day!

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