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Bios - Casey MacCurdy

Voiced By: Lukas Haas
First Appearance: "On the Wire"
Position: Brother of Ro

Bio: Brother of Ro, Casey was found with the help of Bucky. Working as a writer at a local news station, Casey got the call from Bucky and he and Ro were patched through together. The two quickly set up a meeting to spend time together.

Casey took the name “MacCurdy” when he lived with a foster mother for a short while. When he was old enough, he wanted her name to become his.

Things took a turn for the worse when Casey’s boss found out that his sister was with the rogue synthoid that a warrant was out on. While he tried to sabotage the two into a trap, Casey helped his sister and Zeta escape custody.

Casey and Ro keep in touch via classified ads posted on the internet.

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