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Bios - Noteks

Voiced By:
Mae Whitman as Amy
Richard Mcgonagle as John
Miles Marisco as Mulie
First Appearance: "River Rising"
Position: Peaceful Villagers

Bio: Villagers against technology, Notekís live in peace and make their tools and work from the earth, wood and rocks.

When Zeta and Ro find their way to a Notek village while fleeing the NSA, the leader, John, allows them to take refuge, not knowing the little boy Zeta is disguised as is really a robot. When this becomes apparent to them when Zetaís hologram malfunctions due to trying to stop the dam from crumbling, they attempt to destroy Zeta.

Johnís daughter, Amy, befriends Zeta and Ro and trusts them once the river begins rising. With Zeta his only chance of survival, John grabs his hand and is taken to safety. The Notekís thank Zeta and Ro for helping save those in their village and they later part ways.

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