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Change of Heart

Episode #003 (385-533) - Change of Heart
Original Airdate - February 17th, 2001

Zee and Ro visit a science museum where Dr. Selig, Zeta's creator, is scheduled to speak. While the pair hide from guards amid a tour group, a little girl gets trapped inside a fusion reactor. Zeta must reveal his identity in order to save the girl.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Supervising Producer Alan Burnett
Producer Robert Goodman, Liz Holzman
Written by Kevin Hopps
Directed by Bob Doucette
Music by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation Services provided by Koko Enterprise Co., LTD.

Diedrich Bader as Zeta / Zee
Julie Nathanson as Ro
Eli Marienthal as Kid Zee
Kurtwood Smith as Agent Bennet
Michael Rosenbaum as Agent West
Lauren Tom as Agent Lee, Girl in Hall ("Look at this")
Roger L. Jackson as Richards
Ambrosia Kelley as Cora Key Walker
Charlie Rocket as Edwards
Bianca Taylor as Whitney Walker

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I realize more and more as I write these reviews, that thereís really not much story to these early episodes. Thereís one main plot point and the rest is either action or running to get away or to the plot point. In this case, Zeta and Ro wait in a convention center for Dr. Selig; but as soon as they get there, itís non-stop chasing from Bennet and crew.

I donít want it to sound like I donít like the chasing, because I love it. Chasing in any show or movie adds suspense; maybe heíll find Selig, but itís either talk to Selig or get zapped in the back with an electrical charge device. Nothing ever works out for the in-trouble hero, not even until the very end; but here he comes close. He sees Dr. Selig for one brief instant as everyone evacuates the building due to some radiation leak or something like it.

Having said the aboveÖyouíre not going to find much more below here. Itís a very simple plot, we get our first look at Dr. Selig and the usual season one animation and color palette. I canít say it was a bad episode or a good episode; it sets base for future, better episodes, so whose to say it wasnít important overall?
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