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Quality Time

Episode #018 (385-625) - Quality Time
Original Airdate - July 13th, 2002

When both Zee and Bennet follow a lead on Selig to a man-made coral reef, Ro finds herself on a submarine ride with Bennetís son, James. An accident on the sub strands Ro and James at the bottom of the reef, and Bennet and Zeta must work together to save them.

Media by Borg4of3
Review by Matt Zimmer
Producer Liz Holzman, Robert Goodman
Associate Producer Haven Alexander
Story by Kevin Hopps, Ralph Soll
Teleplay by Robert Goodman
Directed by Tim Maltby
Music by Kristopher Carter
Animation Services provided by DR Digital Co., LTD.

Diedrich Bader as Zeta / Zee
Julie Nathanson as Ro
Kurtwood Smith as Agent Bennet
Chris Demetral as Bret
Mari Devon as Computer
Michael Galasso as James
Laraine Newman as Dr. Manon O'Keefe

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A closer look at Bennett's family life and motivations are spotlighted in this intriguing episode.

While searching on the net for clues to Zeta's whereabouts Bennett's son James asks him to spend more time with him. Knowing his son feels neglected Bennett offers to take him for a daytrip. When they get there James Jr. finds out that his father intends to work as the aquarium they have arrived at was Dr. Selig's last visit. Bennett strong arms a submersible vehicle pilot into taking a son for a sub ride to the reef. His other passenger is Ro who has come with Zeta to find Selig. While exploring the reef the sub crashes and the pilot is knocked unconscious while the sub is taking on water. Ro radios for help and Bennett who was just chasing Zeta realizes someone has to go down there to rescue them. Zeta reveals himself and offers to help. Bennett reluctantly accepts but tells him that after the mission is over he is coming with him. On the way, Bennett tells Zeta that he believes him to be a danger and works so hard to capture him to make the world a safer place for his son.

They discover the rudder is broken and Zeta offers to be the rudder for the sub. Bennett tells Ro to take the pilot and James Jr. to the working sub but his son reminds him that he needs a second person to pump water and since the pilot is unconscious that Ro is the only one who knows how to fly the good sub out. Bennett relents and he and his son pilot the broken sub while Zeta steers from behind. When they get back above water Zeta tries to escape. Bennett corners him but has to choose between capturing him and rescue his son from the sinking sub. He chooses his son and tells him that he will catch Zeta later and that he will take the rest of the weekend off while Zeta and Ro escape.

Interesting episode that answered quite a few questions; for one thing we got an exact date for Zeta turning rogue: August 5, 2041 which places the second season of Batman Beyond FORTY years in the future from Justice League rather than fifty (take that Bruce Timm!). We also got a better insight into Bennett who as we probably guessed IS really a good guy and believes he is doing the right thing by capturing Zeta. Zeta also informs him after Bennett speculates that luring him into the reef might be a trap that he would never hurt Bennett. After seeing these revelations for a second time, I REALLY wish the series had continued past The Hologram Man in which Bennett learns even more about Zeta.

Ro was kind of flirty with the pilot in this episode which is good because she's a teenager. Although I DID like how she thought the pilot was a nimrod for the remainder of the episode simply because he crashed and knocked himself unconscious. Ro's talk with James Jr. was fun as we learned Ro doesn't take Bennett's chasing her personally as was the scene with Bennett tempting Ro with information about her family should she decide to help him capture Zeta (of course she refuses). I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Zeta Project is the best show in the DCAU when it comes to character development.

The animation here was nice and I didn't notice any problems with it. This was a really good episode that made me really miss this show after seeing it again.

Story: ****
Animation: ****
Average: ****
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