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Batman: The Animated Series – Bios – Dr. Emile Dorian

Bios – Dr. Emile Dorian

Voiced By: Joseph Maher
First Appearance: “Tyger, Tyger”
Position: Villain
Bio: Dr. Emile Dorian is perhaps on of the most intelligent men in Gotham, perhaps the world. He was a revolutionary in his scientific work and discoveries. He was a prominent Gotham doctor in genetics, until his gruesome studies forced him to leave Gotham, and inhabit a small island that he bought years before. There he was able to perform his experiments without fear that the authories would stumble onto his work. He has had many confrontations with Batman and the Gotham authorities that has led him back to Gotham many times, but always manages to escape back to his small island to continue his gruesome work.


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