Teen Titans

New Artwork for Upcoming “The Batman,” “Teen Titans” DVD Releases

The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season DVD release will contain a featurette, called “Joining Forces: The Batman’s Legendary Team-Up,” containing a close look at the heroes who stopped by this season. Character profiles will also be included on the release. Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season will contain hero and villain profiles as the sole bonus features on that release.

Both titles will hit shelves July 22nd, 2008.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Sales Numbers For February Shipping Animated Comics

Below are the total estimated sales numbers for the animated comics that shipped in February.

Justice League Unlimited #42 – 8,144

Teen Titans Go! #52 – 7,496

The Batman Strikes! #42 – 6,623

Legion of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #11 – 6,568

Stay tuned for further news and updates.

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“Teen Titans Go!” Comic Cancelled Come May 2008

Teen Titans Go! #55 will be the final issue for the title. Fans were both surprised and upset when this news leaked out.

If you want to support this title and let DC Comics know your thoughts about the cancellation, then check out either of the two options below:

Write letters to:
Dan DiDio (and/or Tom Palmer Jr.)
1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

E-mail: askdcdirect@dccomics.com

Stay tuned for any further news on this situation.

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Animated DC Comics Shipping in April 2008

The comic information for The Batman Strikes!, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go! can be found in their respective subsites here at The World’s Finest. The above three titles, as well as information for Legion of Super Heroes In The 31st Century, can be found also on the The DC Animation Forum. Click here to view the solicitation information.

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