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Justice League: Warworld – Extras


Featuring additional content from the Justice League: Warworld animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment, this section includes exclusive content, imagery and more, shared strictly for archival purposes.


Trailer Gallery

Promotional Imagery

Additional Promotional Content
Check out the character biographies released by Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment
to promote Justice League: Warworld!

The last remaining native of the doomed planet Krypton was sent to Earth, adopted by a kindly couple, and raised as one of us. Clark Kent’s alien physiology grant him extraordinary power which he chooses to use in the interests of truth, justice, and the American way as Superman.

Seeing his parents murdered when he was a child led billionaire Bruce Wayne to devote his life to fighting crime in his native Gotham City. With the mind of a detective and the body of an elite athlete, Bruce Wayne has become the underworld’s worst enemy in the guise of The Batman.

Wonder Woman
Themyscira is the legendary island home of the Amazons, ageless women warriors who have isolated themselves from the problems of the foolish, male-dominated outside world. Except for one. Princess Diana, armed with an enchanted lasso, titanic strength, and bulletproof bracelets, has chosen to fight for the oppressed all over the world as the magnificent Wonder Woman.

Jonah Hex
Irascible and acerbic, Jonah Hex is a bounty hunter in the Old West with plenty of luck. All of it BAD. The sight of his half-melted face and blazing six-shooters sends terror into the hearts of outlaws… but also hides the fact that Hex has an immutable moral code and powerful hankering to see justice done.

Though he looks like he stepped out of an ancient tale of swords and sorcery, The Warlord is actually US Air Force pilot Travis Morgan, who stumbled into Skartaris, a secret world inside the Earth’s crust. Armed with his strength, modern world intelligence, and .44 automatic, the Warlord must face off against wizards, warriors and monsters if he ever hopes to see home again.

Martian Manhunter
As a detective, John Jones has a few advantages over other investigators. These include superhuman strength, flight, heat vision, invisibility, shape-shifting, phasing, and telepathy. This is because Jones is actually J’onn J’onzz, the last surviving green Martian. Stranded on Earth for years, he used his Martian abilities to blend in, solve mysteries, and fight crime.

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