“Batman And Harley Quinn” Comic Collection Coming March 2018

DC Comics has announced a special hardcover collection of the recent Batman and Harley and Harley and Batman digital comic titles, based on the 2017 Batman and Harley Quinn DC Universe Original Movie title, will hit shelves in March 2018. The twelve issues digital comic series featured a five-part Harley Quinn and Batman prequel segment, covering events leading up to the animated movie, and a seven-part Batman and Harley Quinn sequel segment exploring the film’s fallout. Details for collection can be found below.


Batman and Harley Quinn

Written by: Ty Templeton and others
Art by: Rick Burchett and others
Cover by: Ty Templeton

The Story: Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett reunite for a story that serves as a sequel to the Batman and Harley Quinn animated film! Harley Quinn is a legend in her own mind, so when she realizes The Joker thinks of her as more of a sidekick, she takes her revenge! But before Batman can swoop in and cart her off to Arkham Asylum, her pal Poison Ivy rescues her! But if the only way to get rid of her sidekick status is to strike out on her own, will Harley be willing to try it? And does that mean…joining Batman? Collects Batman and Harley Quinn digital chapters #1-12.

Release Date: March 7, 2018
Cover Price: $24.99

Single issues of the Harley Quinn and Batman and Batman and Harley Quinn digital comic titles are currently available through DC Comics, Comixology and other digital comic retailers.

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