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Young Justice – Extras – Prepare for Young Justice: Phantom’s Fourth Arc with These Must-Watch Episodes


Continue below for special Young Justice: Phantoms coverage provided by DC Comics, spotlighting key Young Justice episodes!

Prepare for Young Justice’s New Arc
With These Must-Watch Episodes
(Originally published April 7, 2022 on DC

Today’s all-new episode of Young Justice: Phantoms not only gave us startling new revelations about Arion and Ocean Master, but it also officially concluded the show’s fourth story arc. That means an all-new arc of Young Justice: Phantoms is only one week away…which means you have exactly seven days to prepare for it.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered! To make sure you’ve watched (or rewatched) all of the episodes that set up the new storyline, we asked showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti to put together a list of must-watch chapters. If you love theorizing, perhaps these episodes might hold some clues to the themes of the next arc. Full disclosure: I’m just as in the dark as you all are, so let’s check out these episodes and speculate together!

Season 1: Episode 17
The Forever People of New Genesis spar with the Team over ownership of Sphere. This season one classic also features a subplot where Black Canary conducts grief counseling sessions for the Team.

“Usual Suspects”
Season 1: Episode 25
The Team finally reveal a series of secrets they have been keeping from one another.

Season 2: Episode 8
Roy Harper tries to rebuild his life after spending years in a cryogenic sleep. After a confrontation with Lex Luthor, Roy decides to remake himself as Arsenal.

“Away Mission”
Season 3: Episode 5
The Team travels to New Genesis to help the Forever People deal with an Orion imposter. More importantly, this episode introduces the loveable Forager!

“Home Fires”
Season 3: Episode 9
Lobo targets Forager, while Ocean Master sets his sights on the Justice League’s offspring. Of course, this leads to Lady Shiva’s sword setting its sights on Ocean Master’s neck. Ouch!

“Elder Wisdom”
Season 3: Episode 19
The Outsiders take on a group of terrorists, unaware that they’re being manipulated by multiple forces behind the scenes.

“Into the Breach”
Season 3: Episode 24
The Outsiders have a showdown with Granny Goodness.

Season 3: Episode 25
Confused by the crossroads in her romantic life, Artemis asks Zatanna to help her commune with Wally’s spirit. This was an emotional one!

Season 3: Episode 26
Everything comes to a head when the Outsiders head to Markovia. When the dust settles, one Markov sibling embraces heroism, while the other gives in to their dark urges.

Season 4: Episode 2
Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy investigate a series of mysteries on Mars, all while being secretly observed by a mysterious group.

“The Lady, or the Tigress?”
Season 4: Episode 7
When Cassandra Wu-San is captured by her mother Shiva, Artemis leads a rescue mission to Santa Prisca. Meanwhile, Oracle recalls how Cassandra came into her life, and how it altered both of their destinies forever. I loved this episode so much that I wrote an entire article about it.

Season 4: Episode 9
A Lord of Chaos known as the Child arrives in our realm, beginning a magic war that rocks Earth-16.

“Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!”
Season 4: Episode 12
The Child continues her destructive rampage, while Garfield Logan struggles to keep it together on the set of his show Space Trek 3016.

“Kaerb Ym Traeh!”
Season 4: Episode 13
Zatanna comes up with a creative solution to free her father from Doctor Fate. Meanwhile, Perdita tries to get through to Garfield.

“Ebb Tide”
Season 4: Episode 15
The arrival of Arion throws Atlantis for a loop, while Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy reveal themselves to Superman.

“Emergency Dive”
Season 4: Episode 16
Kaldur searches for a relic that will reveal Arion’s true nature. Beast Boy’s friends stage an intervention for the young hero, and it doesn’t go well.

“Leviathan Wakes”
Season 4: Episode 17
The Atlantis arc concludes with Arion’s true nature revealed, and the new ruler of Atlantis is—well, I’m not going to reveal that here. The episode just came out today. Watch it for yourself. Trust me, it’s good.

As you see, there are plenty of awesome episodes to revisit, which is good because the wait for the next episode is going to be rough. Does this list give you any theories about what might be in store for the show’s fifth arc? Be sure fire up HBO Max next Thursday when the newest chapter of Young Justice: Phantoms begins!

Joshua Lapin-Bertone writes about TV, movies and comics for and writes a monthly Batman column, “Gotham Gazette.”

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