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Young Justice – Extras – Prepare for Young Justice: Phantom’s Final Arc with These Must-Watch Episodes


Continue below for special Young Justice: Phantoms coverage provided by DC Comics, spotlighting key Young Justice episodes!

Get Ready for Young Justice: Phantoms’ Most Spectacular Storyline Yet
(Originally published May 5, 2022 on DC

With the shocking end of today’s all-new episode of Young Justice: Phantoms, the boundary-pushing animated series has entered its final arc of the season. We’re big fans of the show as well, so we understand the wait between episodes can be intense. Luckily, we have just the thing to make the time go faster. Once again, showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have put together a curated watchlist to prepare you for Phantoms’ grand finale. Whether you’ve seen them all before or not, we strongly suggest you check these episodes out this week. They’re not only action-packed and exciting, they’re full of clues about some of the characters and themes that might make their way into the season’s final arc.

“Independence Day”
Season 1: Episode 1

This is where it all began! The Justice League’s sidekicks are invited into the Hall of Justice for the first time, but they soon learn that their mentors’ headquarters aren’t what they appear to be. The young heroes ultimately find themselves at Project Cadmus, where they come face to face with Superboy for the first time.

“Targets”< Season 1: Episode 10

Red Arrow takes on some of the world’s deadliest fighters as he tries to stop the League of Shadows from igniting an all-out war. There are some memorable action scenes in this one!

Season 1: Episode 11

Miss Martian and Superboy go undercover as the Terror Twins and allow themselves to be incarcerated at Belle Reeve Penitentiary.

Season 1: Episode 19

A spell causes everyone over the age of eighteen to disappear and it’s up to the Team to keep the world without grown-ups from descending into chaos.

Season 1: Episode 24

Dick Grayson returns to Haly Circus when the Team goes undercover as performers to find an international thief. The final scene between Jack Haly and Dick Grayson will tug on your heartstrings.

“Usual Suspects”
Season 1: Episode 25

Rocket officially joins the Team, as Artemis and Miss Martian reveal their secret origins.

“Eminent Threat”
Season 3: Episode 3

The Team takes on Count Vertigo as the country of Markovia finds itself in crisis.

“True Heroes”
Season 3: Episode 13

After learning the location of a group of trafficked meta-teens, Nightwing leads a rescue mission. Featuring the first appearance of Tara Markov.

Season 3: Episode 14

The Justice League take on Granny Goodness and her Female Furies, while Halo begins their journey of self-discovery.

“Elder Wisdom”
Season 3: Episode 19

The Outsiders embark on a rescue mission in Ireland, unaware that Batman is secretly pulling the strings.

“Quiet Conversations”
Season 3: Episode 20

The heroes set out to find Metron’s Mobius Chair after learning that it’s the only thing that can save Cyborg’s life. Have your tissues handy as you’re watching this one, because the therapy subplot between Megan and Harper Row is an emotional one.

“Into the Breach”
Season 3: Episode 24

The Team and the Outsiders rush to save Halo before Granny Goodness can use their powers to enslave all of mankind.

Season 3: Episode 25

As Artemis grows closer to her brother-in-law, she begins to worry that she’s betraying Wally’s memory. Heartbroken, Artemis has Zatanna summon Wally’s spirit so she can get closure once and for all.

Season 3: Episode 26

The Outsiders and the Team return to Markovia to stop Baron Bedlam once and for all. Tara rejects Slade and sides with the heroes, while Brion gives in to his darker nature and kills Bedlam. This one got dark, but it had a fun credits sequence with Baby Lobo.

Season 4: Episode 1

Miss Martian and Superboy head to Mars to begin their wedding preparations, but soon discover that not everyone on the planet is thrilled about their presence.

“I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings”
Season 4: Episode 8

After years of estrangement, Artemis hopes she can finally bring her sister Jade home once and for all. Meanwhile Clark Kent has a heartbreaking conversation with his son Jon about the death of Superboy.

Season 4: Episode 9

A magical being known as the Child begins her war against Klarion and the entire planet is caught in the crossfire.

“Kaerb Ym Traeh”
Season 4: Episode 13

The war between Klarion and the Child reaches an explosive climax, as Perdita struggles to salvage her relationship with Gar Logan.

“Nautical Twilight”
Season 4: Episode 14

Delegates from various undersea kingdoms come together for a diplomatic conference. It doesn’t go well.

“Ebb Tide”
Season 4: Episode 15

With their future timeline in jeopardy, Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy seek out Superman, hoping he’ll be the key to salvaging their history.

“Leviathan Wakes”
Season 4: Episode 17

The Atlantis conflict comes to a close, as Conner continues to navigate his strange new surroundings.

“Beyond The Grip of the Gods!”
Season 4: Episode 18

Rocket butts heads with Orion during a mission to New Genesis, as Superboy learns the truth about the mysterious dimension he’s trapped in.

“Encounter Upon the Razor’s Edge!”
Season 4: Episode 19

Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl come clean about the series of events that have left them stranded in the 21st century. Elsewhere in space, Kilowog and Tomar-Re answer a distress call. Fans of Green Lantern: The Animated Series will enjoy some of the Easter eggs found in this episode.

“Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!”
Season 4: Episode 20

Beast Boy attends a therapy session with Black Canary, Forager continues his courtship with Mountain Forager, and the Phantom Zone Kryptonians have a musical number about the glory of Zod. (Seriously, the Zod song is awesome.)

“Odyssey of Death”
Season 4: Episode 21

As the conflict on New Genesis intensifies, the heroes are rocked by the death of—well, maybe we shouldn’t spoil that here. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, check it out. Trust us, it will rock your world.

There’s definitely a lot to chew on here. What do you think it all means? Look for new episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms every Thursday on HBO Max.

Joshua Lapin-Bertone writes about TV, movies and comics for and writes a monthly Batman column, “Gotham Gazette.”

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