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Young Justice: Legacy – Enemies List

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Young Justice: Legacy – Enemies List

Shadow Ninja

Black: Standard type, close combat

White: Gunners

Shadow Ninja Elite

Red: Dual long swords

Ice Henchmen


Yellow: Fires stun beams

Sportsmaster Henchmen

Standard, close combat

Rail gun

Heavy Bots

Purple: Standard

Driller – Black: Gunner, stun attack if Squad gets too close

Robot Cargo

Very Big Purple: Claws, volleys

Spider Bots

Purple: Standard, fire energy shots

Black: Lasers

Red: Flame throwers

Lex Swarm Bot


Lex Tower

Santa Prisca Thug

Standard, Apokoliptian weapons

Armed with machetes

Shoots land mines


Manta Troopers



RPG Launcher

Riddler Goons


Slim build, batons

Heavy set, shot gun

Trickster – Slim hooded, with question mark canes

Bialyan Soldier

Close combat


Babylon Warrior

Babylon Statue

Tiamat Minion

Boss Fights


Sportsmaster and Henchmen

Killer Frost and Spider Bots

Sportsmaster and Icicle Jr.

Bane and Spider Bots

Lex Luthor and Lex Bots

Black Manta and Troopers


The Riddler and Goons


Klarion and Blockbuster


Tiamat and Tiamat Minions

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