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Young Justice – Season One, Volume One DVD



Menus and Disc Art
 Young Justice: Season One, Volume One
Street Date: 07/19/11
Closed Captioning: Yes
MSRP: $14.97
Packaging Type: Eco Amaray Case
Media Quantity: 1
Disc Configuration: DVD 5
Product Language: English
Original Soundtrack Language: English
Run Time: 91 minutes
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16×9)
Sound Quality: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: EnglishEpisodes:1. Independence Day
2. Fireworks
3. Welcome to Happy Harbor
4. Drop Zone
Synopsis: A new half-hour animated DC Universe series for a new generation starring Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis . The six raw teenage heroes are Young Justice the Justice League’s secret weapon against the forces of evil. Based out of The Cave, the teen heroes will take on under-the-radar missions that would be impossible for the League proper (with its incandescent star-power) to handle covertly. In addition, these kids are in constant training to take their place alongside the great heroes. Red Tornado will be their supervisor; Black Canary will be in charge of their training, and Batman will hand out their assignments. And of course, Young Justice will push their missions, often turning a simple assignment from Batman into something much larger, often discovering that what they’ve been tasked to do is just the tip of the iceberg.

Spectacular. That’s the new Young Justice animated series in a single word. Gorgeous animation, great characters, tight scripts, beautiful characters designs, solid performances, nary a hair out of place here. It is unbelievable how confident, how precise this show is right out of the gate. After viewing just the first four episodes here on DVD, it’s very apparent the creators here have a long-form plan in action for what looks to be a new benchmark for super hero animation.

Young Justice is the DC Universe come to life. Yes, the show is focusing on a select group of characters, with plenty of others rotating in the background, but this show drips of the DC Universe. It looks and feels like it. It’s like a DC Comic come to life in the best possible ways. As dense and complicated as the DC Universe can be, producers Greg Weisman (late of the brilliant The Spectacular Spider-Man) and Brandon Vietti (fresh off the gripping Batman: Under the Red Hood) make it completely accessible and totally inviting. And what they create is a world, as I gushingly said in the introduction, that is full of spectacular awe.

The Young Justice creative team has really found an ingenious little way to make this series appeal to the younger crowd but also bring in the older fans. Long-time fans will get a kick out of seeing what is obviously a very well thought-out premise for the series, steeped in DC mythology, and new viewers will undoubtedly be drawn in by the charismatic main characters. Thankfully, the older members of the Justice League aren’t the cookie-cutter one-dimensional “we’re the adults and you do as we say!” types (even if they do give off that impression early on, that changes in the final moments), and the younger characters aren’t just looking for kicks, but heroes looking to prove they are ready to do what they’ve been trained for. The fact that our group of teen heroes will be doing covert missions for the Justice League is a nice dark twist for the series.

But guess what’s utterly predictable? This disappointing “soccer mom” DVD release. A sparse release, Young Justice – Seasone One, Volume One arrives in a standard single-disc Eco Amaray case. No inserts or extras of any kind. Disc art is very, very basic (and pictured above) and menus are simple and easy to navigate. Outside of trailers, there are zero extras on this set. While the disc may lack bonus features, but the A/V quality here is pretty solid. Audio is a standard English Stereo mix and the video presentation is an anamorphic widescreen encode, resulting in a surprisingly stunning image. Still, this is a show aching for a Blu-ray release. And, personally, I think it’d be a big seller.

Overall, it’s a sparse release but one worth at least a rental. Collectors will definitely want to add this to their collections, as well as fans of the show, but the limited selection of episodes does hamper this release. Still, if you’re a fan of the series and want some Young Justice on DVD now, then this is a Recommended release. I’ve personally found myself zipping through the episodes more than a couple times, trying to catch little tidbits here and there that might lead to bigger things down the line. However, if you’re hoping for more in the future … then you may want to consider holding out for a more substantial release. This show really deserves a more in-depth and expansive release, and I’m Warner Home Video will provide just that soon enough, but until then, I’d suggest picking upYoung Justice – Seasone One, Volume One to support the show and get a chance to enjoy four great episodes in solid DVD quality.

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