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Young Justice – Reviews – Season Three – Unknown Factors


Unknown Factors
Original Airdate – August 6, 2019
Dick Grayson and Jefferson go after Gretchen Goode – only to encounter the ominous Overlord.

Written by Brandon Vietti
Directed by Vinton Heuck
Mini-Review by Royal Rubble
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Please note our regular reviewer, “GregX,” is currently on sabbatical.




Review: “Unknown Factors” was pretty good. It was nice seeing more of Kaldur and Wyynde (and confirmation that was indeed Dolphin!). As well as more of Dick, who hasn’t really been active lately on the show. Not that he did much here either, but this mission seems to have affected him a lot more than he was expecting. So at least now, they have an excuse to keep him off-screen for a while.

I liked the stuff with Granny Goodness, though I was expecting the Overlord to play a bigger role given the synopsis of the episode. It was still relevant and played an important part but I was kind of expecting something else. Also, pretty nice progress with Victor discovering some more abilities, and Brion & Violet at least talking to each other again.

I don’t know if anyone would have guessed Ultra-Humanite’s involvement in all this. But I like the character and am looking forward to seeing more of him.

The sub-plot with Karen & Mal was pretty good, too. I liked how they approached the meta-gene issue and I presume what Karen did to her daughter will come into effect eventually. Same for the Infinity Inc. mention, I imagine a version of the team will make it on the show some way or another.

As for the ending, I presume Halo is just a part of the Anti-Life Equation or Darkseid will need her knowledge of the Old Gods to access it. We’ll see what happens but it was a pretty cool and ominous way to end the episode.

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