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Young Justice – Reviews – Season Three – Terminus


Original Airdate – August 20, 2019
The hunt for Halo is on. Pray the team doesn’t find her.

Written by Brandon Vietti
Directed by Mel Zwyer
Mini-Review by Royal Rubble
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Please note our regular reviewer, “GregX,” is currently on sabbatical.




Mini-Review: The Anti-Life Equation continues to be a threat and it was kind of shocking seeing how many big characters were under its influence by the end of the episode. In regards to a recent discussion on these forums, if this was the season finale, this would definitely qualify as a cliff-hanger. But I am curious to see how (or if?) the heroes will find a way out of all this, or if something even worse is about to happen.

It was cool seeing Superman and some of the other members of the Justice League, even if briefly. Elongated Man was a pretty surprising addition. I never really considered him as a potential character for the series, but whatever. Kind of makes sense the League still needed a stretchy guy in their ranks. Though his contact with the Anti-Life Equation seems to have had an even worse effect than on the others.

The Team’s mission was fine but I kind of expected it to not go as planned. I liked the focus on some of the characters, like Conner and M’gann talking about some of the recent developments and how they kind of opened up some old wounds. Or how both Conner and Brion have sort of calmed down quite a bit considering how angry they were all the time in past episodes. Dick’s fever dream was pretty awesome. It was so cool seeing the original team in action again, complete with Wally. I think I enjoyed this a bit more than Gar’s hallucination which similarly included Wally and some video game-like graphics, though on the other hand the “Doom Patrol Go!” segment was still funnier.

Jefferson’s sub-plot was handled well enough I guess but I was expecting them to show at least a conversation between him and Virgil. It kind of felt like a missed opportunity or something. I did like the scene of Jefferson finding some happiness with his daughters though. After all he’s been through this season I wonder what’s next for him, in the last few episodes.

I also liked Savage’s brief appearance. Kind of reminded me a little of Luthor (and part of the Legion of Doom) asking the Justice League for help on JLU, but the circumstances and speeches were a bit different. I don’t know if Savage had any idea the young heroes would also fail, since that wouldn’t really help him anyway. I agree with others that Cyborg might be capable of playing a role in negating the Anti-Life Equation, but we’ll see how that plays out. There might even be some magic involved in there, as others suggested. Maybe a combination, like with the Starro-Tech back in season one (since the ending to this episode felt like a callback to that whole ordeal, in a way).

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