Goodman On “The Zeta Project: Season One” Sales, Future “The Zeta Project” Releases

While reception to the release was high among both fans and critics for The Zeta Project: Season One on DVD, it appears as though that did not translate to solid sales numbers for Warner Home Video. The World’s Finest was able to catch up with The Zeta Project creator Bob Goodman to discuss what this means for future home video releases of the cult-favorite animated series.

“I don’t have specific numbers,” says Goodman, “Word I’m getting is that sales [for The Zeta Project: Season One] weren’t great and as of right now they’re not planning to release season two.”

With Warner Home Video unlikely to produce a The Zeta Project: Season Two DVD release, Goodman notes that fans will miss out on some of the best episodes of the series.

“To me this is a huge bummer,” he continues, “I think we all did our best work in season two, and it would be a shame for those episodes – including ‘Absolute Zero,’ which was intended as the season one finale – to not get their day in the sun.”

Goodman also adds that bonus material slated for the The Zeta Project: Season Two DVD release has already been shot, but that will currently stay tucked away for the foreseeable future.

“All I can do now is hope sales pick up, or for some other reason they change their minds,” he concludes.

Bob Goodman would like to send his appreciation to The Zeta Project fans who have supported both the series and the The Zeta Project: Season One DVD release.

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