Press Release For Upcoming “Justice League: The Complete Series” DVD Box Collection

The following press release has been issued for the upcoming Justice League: The Complete Series box set, hitting shelves November 10th, 2009.


All 91-Episodes From the Hit Animated TV Series Available in One DVD Collection

The Justice League comes together for the first time in one DVD collection as Warner Home Video and DC Comics release Justice League: The Complete Series on November 10, 2009 for $99.98 SRP. The giant 15-disc collectors DVD set includes all 91 action-packed episodes from the popular Justice League animated series and is loaded with exciting bonus features making it the perfect gift for this holiday season.

From the smash hit TV series, these triumphant tales of seven heroes united to become the Justice League will enthrall and inspire fans with over 35 hours of crime-fighting action from Justice League Season One and Two as well as Justice League Unlimited Season One and Two. Our favorite DC Super Heroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl join forces to fight evil across the galaxy inflicted by villains such as Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage and sorceress Morgaine Le Fey. Acts of justice include saving Aquaman from a coup and clearing Green Lantern’s name in a charge of genocide.

Justice League: The Complete Series also features incredible extra content including:

Eight Creator Commentaries
Eight Bonus Featurettes including:
o Inside Justice League – Creators Panel Discussion
o Storyboards: The Blueprint for Justice
o The Look of the League: Character Design
o Justice League – The First Mission Never-Before-Seen Promo
o Justice League Declassified – Phil Lamarr (The Voice of Green Lantern) Takes You Behind the Scenes with the Shows Creative Team
o And Justice For All- The Process of Revamping the Series with New Characters and a New Creative Direction
o Cadmus: Exposed Mark Hamill and Series Creative Personnel Discuss This Popular Series Story Arc
o Justice League Chronicles: Series Writers, Producers, and Directors Discuss Their Favorite Moments Among Final Season
Two Music Extras:
o Themes of Justice Choose Your Favorite JLU Musical Theme Audio Tracks
o Music-Only Audio Track for the Final Episode Destroyer.

Warner Home Video is very excited to announce the release of Justice League: The Complete Series just in time for the holidays, said Amit Desai, WHV Vice President of Family, Animation & Partner Brands Marketing. The Justice League DVD box set is jam-packed with exciting episodes and hours of content which will be a wonderful addition to any fans collection and make a great holiday gift.

Justice League, and especially Justice League Unlimited, offered us a very fun, creative format in terms of the stories we could tell and the characters we could feature, said producer, Bruce Timm. We did smaller, more intimate tales and epic, cast-anybody-from-DC stories, and thematically we went everywhere from supernatural episodes to science fiction to straight-up heroic themes. It was our first series where we deliberately planned the character arc development from the start with long-term ideas, and were able to let the characters go where they would naturally and sometimes they surprised us. And because we had this huge cast to choose from, all of the characters stayed fresh because we had that much more room to experiment and expand. It kept the series from ever falling into a formula. I think this complete series package will be fun for fans to be able to see how the series rolled out from beginning to end, and get a true sense of the total scope of the show.

The collectors DVD set includes the following episodes:

Justice League – Season One

Disc 1
-Secret Origins, Part 1
-Secret Origins, Part 2
-Secret Origins, Part 3
-In Blackest Night, Part 1
-In Blackest Night, Part 2
-The Enemy Below, Part 1
-The Enemy Below, Part 2

Disc 2
-Injustice for All, Part 1
-Injustice for All, Part 2
-Paradise Lost, Part 1
-Paradise Lost, Part 2
-War World, Part 1
-War World, Part 2

Disc 3
-The Brave and The Bold, Part 1
-The Brave and The Bold, Part 2
-Fury, Part 1
-Fury, Part 2
-Legends, Part 1
-Legends, Part 2

Disc 4
-A Knight with Shadows, Part 1
-A Knight with Shadows, Part 2
-Metamorphosis, Part 1
-Metamorphosis, Part 2
-The Savage Time, Part 1
-The Savage Time, Part 2
-The Savage Time, Part 3

Justice League – Season Two

Disc 1
-Twilight, Part 1
-Twilight, Part 2
-Tabula Rasa, Part 1
-Tabula Rasa, Part 2
-Only A Dream, Part 1
-Only A Dream, Part 2

Disc 2
-Maid of Honor, Part 1
-Maid of Honor, Part 2
-Hearts and Minds, Part 1
-Hearts and Minds, Part 2
-A Better World, Part 1
-A Better World, Part 2

Disc 3
-Eclipsed, Part 1
-Eclipsed, Part 2
-The Terror Beyond, Part 1
-The Terror Beyond, Part 2
-Hereafter, Part 1
-Hereafter, Part 2

Disc 4
-Secret Society, Part 1
-Secret Society, Part 2
-Comfort and Joy
-Wild Card, Part 1
-Wild Card, Part 2
-Starcrossed, Part 1
-Starcrossed, Part 2
-Starcrossed, Part 3

Justice League Unlimited – Season One

Disc 1
-For the Man Who Has Everything
-Hawk and Dove
-Fearful Symmetry
-Kids Stuff
-This Little Piggy
-The Return

Disc 2
-The Greatest Story Never Told
-Dark Heart
-Wake the Dead
-The Once and Future Thing Part 1
-The Once and Future Thing Part 2

Disc 3
-The Cat and the Canary
-The Ties That Bind (aka Miracles Happen)
-The Doomsday Sanction
-Task Force X
-The Balance
-Double Date

Disc 4
-Hunters Moon (aka Mystery in Space)
-Question Authority
-Panic in the Sky
-Divided We Fall

Justice League Unlimited – Season Two

Disc 1
-I Am Legion
-Shadow of the Hawk
-Chaos at the Earths Core
-To Another Shore
-Flash and Substance
-Dead Reckoning
-Patriot Act

Disc 2
-The Great Brain Robbery
-Grudge Match
-Far From Home
-Ancient History

About DC Comics:
DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world and home to such iconic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Sandman. These DC Super Heroes and others have starred in comic books, movies, television series (both animated and live-action) and cyberspace, thrilling audiences of all ages for generations. DC Comics Web site is located at

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About Warner Bros. Animation:
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The Justice League: The Complete Series DVD Box Set will hit shelves November 10th, 2009. Click here for further details on the classic Justice League animated series. Stay tuned for further updates.

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