Writer J. Torres Discusses New Issue Of “Batman: The Brave And The Bold,” Now On Sale

Batman: The Brave and The Bold #11, the latest issue of the spin-off comic series from DC Comics, arrives in comic book stores today. The World’s Finest caught up with J. Torres, writer for the Batman: The Brave and The Bold comic series, who promises lots of surprises in Batman: The Brave and The Bold #11.

“Lots of good stuff in this issue!” exclaims Torres. “We open with Sportsmaster, a villain I love, and Huntress, who doesn’t love her?”

“We also get to see the Batmobile and the Arrowcar in the story!” adds Torres.

Not only does Torres believe fans will enjoy the exciting story and characters, but also the artwork provided by Carlo Barberi, an artist well-known for his work on the Justice League Unlimited comic series, among other titles.

“Carlo turned in some of the best pages we’ve seen from him in the series thus far, says Torres. “There’s a lot of action this issue and he handled it well.”

Torres adds, “Speaking of action, how about that cover by Scott Jeralds? I love how Shark is about to go to town on Batman’s leg! Looks like a scene about to take place at dinner tables all across the US this Thanksgiving…!”

Official details for the latest issue of the Batman: The Brave and The Bold comic series are available below.


Written by: J. Torres
Art by: Carlo Barberi
Cover by: Scott Jeralds

The return of the Terrible Trio! Batman must team up with Green Arrow to stop the Fearsome Fangs from obtaining a secret weapon that would give them ultimate power!

The cover price for Batman: The Brave and The Bold #11 is $2.50US.

Stay tuned for further Batman: The Brave and The Bold updates.

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