New Package Artwork For Upcoming “The Best Of Green Lantern” DVD Compilation Title

New package artwork and a new description for the upcoming The Best of Green Lantern DVD compilation title has been released by Warner Home Video. The upcoming release features five animated adventures from assorted cartoons focused on the Green Lantern lore. Continue below for a hi-res look at the package art, including a peek at the disc art, and the new release description details.

In brightest day, in blackest night, don’t let this collection escape your sight!

Being a cop is hard. Being a space cop is even harder. Join forces with four of Earth’s Green Lanterns – Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner – as they defend the universe from enemies like the treacherous former Lantern Sinestro, the alien monster manipulator Despero and the hordes of unstoppable robot Manhunters. This exciting collection features five of the best Green Lantern adventures drawn from four animated series and includes appearances by legendary DC Comics heroes Batman, Superman, the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps.

In Brightest Day (Superman: The Animated Series)
In Blackest Night Part 1 (Justice League)
In Blackest Night Part 2 (Justice League)
Ring Toss (The Batman)
The Eyes of Despero! (Batman: The Brave and The Bold)

The MSRP for this release is $14.97. Warner Home Video is marketing this release as a tie-in to both the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series Cartoon Network series and the home video release of the live-action Green Lantern theatrical film. The Best of Green Lantern hits shelves on November 1st, 2011.

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