Latest Issue Of “Young Justice” Comic Series Now Available Both At Stores And Digitally

Young Justice #8, the latest issue of the new DC Comics title based on the current Cartoon Network animated series of the same name, arrives in comic book and hobby stores today. This issue features scripting duties by Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps with Christopher Jones providing the art. Weisman is one of the producers for the Young Justice animated series, and Hopps is a regular fixture of the show’s creative team. Official details for this issue are available below.


Written by: Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps
Art by: Christopher Jones
Cover by: Christopher Jones

Can someone with Artemis’ pedigree really be a hero? A close encounter when the team takes action against the deadly android Amazo may give her the chance to prove herself if she can survive the onslaught of Professor Ivo’s malevolent MONQIs!

The cover price is $2.99US. Young Justice #8 is also available same day digitally through DC Comics and Comixology.

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