Direct-To-Video “Batman: Year One” Animated Feature Continues Strong Video Sales

Batman: Year One, the latest installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie home video line, has performed successfully in its first months of sales. The direct-to-video animated feature is on pace to easily move over 300,000 units on Blu-ray and DVD before the end of 2011. Warner Home Video has also provided new images from the Batman: Year One feature, which adapts the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, as seen below.

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According to various home media retailing outlets and independent research, the new Batman: Year One direct-to-video animated feature has sold an estimated 272,200 units in its first month, with 110,000 of those sales coming from DVD and 162,200 from the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray sales accounted for nearly 62% of the total Batman: Year One home video performance. The animated feature has been available at retail and online outlets for over a month, originally hitting stands in late October 2011. Keep in mind the sales numbers above do not take into account rental numbers, OnDemand numbers, or legal download numbers. Batman: Year One was available early for legal download in mid-October 2011 as part of an special promotion.

This release continues the trend of Blu-ray editions for DC Universe Animated Original Movie titles surpassing sales of the DVD counterpart. Batman: Year One was released on both Blu-ray Combo Pack and two separate DVD releases, including a two-disc Special Edition and a single-disc casual release.

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A co-production of Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the direct-to-video Batman: Year One animated feature is now available to own on Blu-ray disc and DVD from Warner Home Video, as well as legal download.

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