Artist Christopher Jones Talks Early “Young Justice” Work, Upcoming Collection

The new trade collection Young Justice – Volume One, collecting the first seven issues of the current ongoing Young Justice comic series, hits comic book and hobby store shelves this Wednesday, January 11th, 2012. Young Justice is the DC Comics title based on the acclaimed animated Cartoon Network series of the same name, running stories that expand upon the show’s mythology. The trade collects issues #0 – 6, which include artist Christopher Jones’ first work on the comic series. The World’s Finest caught up with Jones for a brief chat on his early work for the series, as well as this thoughts on the trade paperback format. Continue below for more.

“On a book like this I wasn’t as worried about what the previous creators on the comic had done as I was about what was on the TV show,” Jones says about starting off on the Young Justice comic. “Specifically I was worried about finding the right balance between being faithful to the look and feel of the show and bringing my own style to it and making it work as a comic book rather than animation.”

Jones adds that his work has changed since he started working on Young Justice, beginning with issue #5. The issue, included in the new Young Justice – Volume One trade collection, features the team attempting to bond over a campfire. He says his work early on in the book was about getting the character likenesses down and familiarizing himself with the world of Young Justice.

“Now I find myself having to refer less to the model sheets and being able to try and create the most dynamic and effective comic art that I can,” Jones adds. “And I’m currently working on my tenth issue of the comic! Time flies…”

One of the bonuses that Jones enjoys when it comes to trade collections – such as this week’s Young Justice – Volume One – is that readers not only get more bang for their buck, but also get to enjoy stories uninterrupted by advertisements. Jones adds that there could be more done to reach the audience of the Young Justice animated series, which is substantially larger than that of a regular comic series.

Jones continues, “I think it’s really a shame that DC feels the need to take a title like this – which has such potential to reach the broad audience of the TV show and casual readers who might find all the convoluted continuity of the DC Universe off-putting – and segregate a title like this from the rest of their line with different branding which turns off a lot of their regular readers, but not much is done to get the book into the hands of anyone other than the faithful comics fans frequenting the shops.”

“I hear lots of great feedback on the book from those who actually take a look at it, but it gets into the hands of fewer readers than I’d like,” Jones adds. “I’m in favor of anything that can expand that audience and trade paperbacks that can make it into bookstores and retail locations where the monthly comics aren’t carried is great, and I’m excited about the digital editions for the same reason.”

The Young Justice – Volume One trade collection, featuring the first seven issues of the Young Justice comic series, hits comic and hobby store shelves on January 11th, 2012 for the price of $12.99. The collection will also be available through online outlets.

Additionally, monthly issues of Young Justice are available both on the shelves and digitally day and date. Young Justice #12, the next issue of the ongoing comic titles, hits January 18th, 2012. More details on the comic title can be found at the The World’s Finest Young Justice subsite.

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