“Superman Versus The Elite” Nears 200,000 Total Units Moved In Home Video Sales

According to various home media retailing outlets and independent research, the recent Superman Versus The Elite direct-to-video animated feature is nearing 200,000 units moved on home video in combined DVD and Blu-ray sales. The latest DC Comics Premiere Movie title moved an estimated 131,500 units in its first week – the weekend ending June 17th, 2012, with 42,500 of those sales coming from DVD and 89,000 from the Blu-ray format. Sales dropped down to an estimated 46,000 combined copies in week two – the week ending June 24th, 2012. Since then, an additional 21,000 estimated copies of the feature in both formats have moved in the past month. An estimated 198,500 copies of Superman Versus The Elite have moved from shelves since its initial June 12th, 2012 release date.

Blu-ray sales have accounted for an estimated 68% of total Superman Versus The Elite home video sales since its first week, with the high-definition format easily the dominant media. Keep in mind the sales numbers above do not take into account rental numbers, OnDemand numbers, or legal download numbers. Additionally, please note that the Superman Versus The Elite Two-Disc Special Edition release was recently exclusive to all Wal-Mart chains until going wide as of today, July 24th, 2012.

It was recently announced that a new as-of-yet-untitled Superman-focused installment of the DC Comics Premiere Movie line is set to hit shelves at an undisclosed date in 2013.

Above is the cover art for all three separate home video releases for the direct-to-video Superman Versus The Elite animated feature. Click here to read the The World’s Finest review of the Superman Versus The Elite home video release and continue to the Superman Versus The Elite micro-site for more media and content from the animated feature. Click on the links below to discuss both the new Superman Versus The Elite animated feature and its respective DVD and Blu-ray home video releases.

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A co-production of Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the direct-to-video Superman Versus The Elite animated feature is now available to own on Blu-ray disc and DVD from Warner Home Video, as well as legal download.

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    Michael J. Petty

    Glad to hear that! It’s such a great movie! I didn’t think it was going to be any good or even do well sales-wise, but this just proves how much the world wants Superman. Glad to see this is succeeding!!!

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