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  1. Joe

    Is anyone else disappointed with ‘bonus’ material offered on these two disc special editions ? I consistently am. I love that DC is putting out the animated movies like they are, but what passes for ‘bonus’ material, dedicated with it’s own DVD disc, is just plain lacking. I believe in every case, the bonus material offered disc # 2 could always have easily fit on disc # 1… so why use two discs when one is plenty ? I suspect the reason is that more can be charged for the two disc edition (naturally). Regarding this title, I would like an extensive interview with Frank Miller and DC Comics discussing the evolution of the story, how it came about, the effect it had on the fan base, etc. Maybe a commentary track on the movie too. It just seems that offering a brief doc on Batman and Bob Kane is kinda lame and taking the easy route. What would you like to see as ‘bonus’ features on this release ?

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