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  1. RReiko

    CN has created a very negative image with this announcement. Not only against DC Animated Universe, but with the fans. Not only has removed from the grill 2 of the biggest shows ever created, but has done many viewers get really upset. You better have a good explanation, because you’re gonna need it.

  2. Sstatic

    no more explanations, they have done this before with batman brave and the bold. I am DONE with cartoon network’s crap, its ridiculous. I have seen a network screw over viewers this bad. they should fire everyone and “reboot” the network

  3. MMichael J. Petty

    Wait, so that means that Green Lantern: The Animated Series only gets one season and Young Justice: Invasion only gets two? THAT SUCKS!!! Screw Teen Titans Go!, I want Young Justice & Green Lantern!!!! But I want to see Beware the Batman, just not in place of the other shows!!!!

    • JJuan A Montoya

      Agreed! They should either turn the DC Nation block into a 2 hour block to show new episodes of all 4 shows or at the very least move YJ and GL to Friday Nights (and in turn actually bring Friday Night Cartoons back into being like it was before). YJ and GL are big shows that should continue on their episodes. Especially Young Justice since it’s up to par with Justice League/Unlimited and Teen Titans and Batman: TAS and all of those other amazing DCAU shows. And GL still hasn’t been given enough time compared to a lot of other shows so taking it off is completely unfair. Besides, after this insanity, CN has no right to cancel these amazing shows.

  4. Jjaney jones

    Cartoon Network Pisses me off!!! They just keep screwing everyone over!! I hope after this season Greg’s shows end up on another channel!!!

  5. KKhiaao

    Not Cool !!!!!!!!!!

  6. SSchweitzer-Man

    Big mistake. BIG mistake. It’s hard enough to keep track of what’s happening on the show with all the hiatuses this show takes, now they come back and take ANOTHER one before we can try to catch up with what’s happening?

    It’s a big mistake and a giant middle finger to the audience. And what’s worse is that they treat it like they’re delaying this by a week. No, you’re pushing it back two months after an almost three month hiatus.

  7. GGreen Dragon

    Well that was the mistake that takes down the cartoon network

    if those two shows(YJI and GL) are the biggest rated on the network

    why the hell did they remove them?

  8. JJacob Gilbert

    Cartoon Network has done this not just to the DCAU line, mind, but to other series as well.

    Take for example the cavalier—and that is just being kind—treatment accorded Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

    The series previewed in April 2010, then began a weekly run three months later. Not a problem. When they hit the halfway point in season 1, however, CN made viewers wait an inordinate 7 months before finishing season 1, then there was a year’s wait between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2, and in the latter case, those episodes were burned off immediately on weekday afternoons (!), with no night episodes scheduled. Season 2 eps aren’t even available on demand at the present time.

    DC, as we all know, as comics series in support of Green Lantern & Young Justice, and fans will have to rely on those mediums to get their fix until January, assuming the administration at CN doesn’t have yet another panic attack and changes their minds again—-which they have done with Scooby-Doo and other series.

    Bear in mind, too, that CN is not alone in this practice. For years, TV Guide always told us in a small box at the end of the listings (before they went to their current format) that networks retained the right to make last minute changes. However, this matter, because of the fanbase involved, trumps that stipulation. Oh, does it ever! Nickelodeon and its MTV Networks brethren have been notorious for doing the same thing, and they’ve been doing that for 22 years and counting. They never tell anyone why, they just do it. Consider that the current CN hierarchy, Stuart Snyder & Robert Sorcher, came from either another network or elsewhere and weren’t accustomed to dealing with animated fare that is actually watched by all ages. Their cavalier approach overall to the network they’ve been placed in charge of, Cartoon Network, has alienated fans across the board.

    There are an infinite number of theories as to why CN pulled DC Nation at the last minute on 10/13. One might be that they have not only a contract with DC/WB Animation, but also with Dreamworks, which would explain why Dragons of Berk reruns were moved up an hour. If their contract with Dreamworks calls for Dragons of Berk to be aired every Saturday, regardless of promotional interference, and DC Nation doesn’t have that stipulation in the WBA/DC contract, guess who gets priority? Yep, Dragons of Berk & Dreamworks. There is really very little that we can do for now save for waiting out 2 1/2 months and praying that CN for once keeps its word.

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