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  1. KKhiaao

    wow first the Thundercats now this ………………..

  2. SSterfish

    Those comments are great exercises in semantics. In their mind, the shows are not canceled because they didn’t yank them off the air when most people consider cancellation as the end of production (with no hope of resuming). I was hoping that new shows on DC Nation meant that the block would just be rotating with Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go holding down the fort until new seasons of GLTAS and Young Justice air at a later date. I wonder if this means that the new shows are also working on borrowed time, regardless of ratings.

  3. JJohn

    Ill miss Young Justice it was well written, I wish they would not pull these shows because they not selling enough toys. There are adults who love these shows as well

  4. DDouglas Snyder

    They can’t do this. First it was Samurai Jack (which I’m still hoping for an animated movie), next it was Sym-Bionic Titan (just because there were some disputes between CN and Genndy Tartakovsky which led him to leave CN), then it was new Thundercats (still on hiatus for some odd reason), and now Young Justice & Green Lantern. Each of these shows have had great storylines, characterizations, ratings as well as reviews, & they each have been nominated and won many awards. Even after seeing last weekend episodes of both Green Lantern & Young Justice, I saw that they could go for a few more seasons, with multiple storylines. In Young Justice, a few questions still need to be answered: such as the verdict of the Justice League as well as Darkseid’s involvement. On Green Lantern, I see that a War of Light storyline can be made, since we saw Ron Perlman (whom I have alot of respect for) voicing Sinestro and there were plans of introducing Green Lanterns John Stewart & Kyle Rayner. I just don’t understand why these people make such stupid decisions, & maybe I never will.

  5. RReeves

    Guys, Guys, Guys… We still got the Incredible Crew, No need to panic.

    • EE.D.

      Oh yeah, because what comic book fans really need to watch on tv is not anymore well-written action shows or comic book-based shows, but more non-animated kid sketch comedies and more cut-and-paste hipster Spongebob cartoons. Don’t be surprised if Disney XD’s Marvel Nation ( or whatever its called ) will be next.

  6. TTC

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!!!! And how many damn BATMAN series’ do we NEED!!!!!! I’m look at the list below and it’s just a graveyard for good DC shows BATMAN TAS, Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, (I get choked up when I think about these two) Justice League and Justice League Unlimited….and NOW Young Justice!!!! What happened to longevity? You mean Power freakin Rangers is still on TV since 92-93ish and DC can’t say on more than approximately a year on average??? I see we need to have a DC Channel!!!

    • RRena

      I totally agree. They have made so many Batman series its ridiculous. And I’m a fan. I think that there should be a seperate channel for DC Nation. Cartoon Network is not the same anymore. There’s more Network than there are cartoons. Why the heck would they take off show that even he adults like and watch? And just when young justice was getting even better! How can they just do that?!

  7. IIce

    GL TAS is an excellent and mature program not just for kids but adults as well. There was enough storyline in it to keep it going at least another season. Great entertainment deserves better… why can’t another network snatch it up?

    Cartoon Network’s a joke… their other cartoons are crap…Adventure Time…please…and Batman again…enough already.

    I know a lot of people who wish them failure and that will come to fruition with the morons running it. After GL…I and most I know our tuning off this creepy station.

  8. Mmike

    Lol, Young Justice and Green Lantern both sucked. Thank god! Bring the original stuff back!

  9. Tthesnappysneezer

    It seems to me someone inside Cartoon Network is trying to sabotage these shows and the station in general. They are probably plotting on turning the station into teen live action, z level sitcoms and and reality programming with teens.

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