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  1. IIce

    What couldn’t the series and those involved in :production find another network or have WB release or sell the rights to someone else for production?

  2. Rruben west crock

    Why the series cannot be continued to season 2 or 3 ?

    • Aanon-y

      It was mentioned in an interview with someone that has intel about this;

      Because that “Green Lantern” film bombed (with good reason), its merchandise bombed, and now stores want as little to do with “Green Lantern” anything they can; all that “Green Lantern” merchandise you see is whatever the stores couldn’t get rid of.
      In other words Cartoon Network and all other people in charge didn’t offer merchandise on their own and no retail outlet-whatever wanted to touch it, so they decided no one wanted anything regarding the series and is letting it die. They don’t care about how well the soundtrack sells, the itune sales, DVD sales, viewer count, online support… not alone, that is – they just wanted EVERYTHING like the Orange Lanterns they are, and because we couldn’t buy a cheap butt figurine at Wal*Mart, we can’t have the series.

    • Rruben west crock

      does Cartoon Network know they being SELFISH, due they are going to cancel Both Show who has so many fans even they made so many way to SAVE THE SHOW, are they not fear to be sorri Hated and boikot ?

      And wasnt suppose the other way around i mean if the show has good rating its suppose to continued to season 2 or season 3 and if the show was BAD, then they can cancel it, geez why does this year suck, my friends and i have been so stress after they cancel Young Justice and Green Lantern until this 2013, NOW they gonna cancel it ! 🙁

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