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  1. "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" News & Discussion Thread, Part 3 (Spoilers) - Page 17

    […] Animated Series – Season One, Part Two: Manhunter Menace DVD release. Said details can be found at The World's Finest. The Brave. The Bold. The World's Finest. – Marvel Animation Age Follow The World's Finest and […]

  2. DC Animation Blu-ray/DVD News & Discussion Thread, Part 18 (Spoilers) - Page 16

    […] I read on WF that the second GLTAS DVD is coming: Initial Details For Two-Disc “Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Manhunter Menace” DVD … Now how come this show just gets a DVD when Ninjago gets both DVD and Blu-ray? Is it because Lego […]

  3. TThomas

    I don’t like them splitting Season 1 in half and releasing them on DVD. I want the COMPLETE Season 1 released on Blu-ray.

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