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  1. Rruben west crock

    why they didnt made to season 3, u all promise said there will be season 3?

    • Ccleverusername8

      Because CN canceled the show… something that neither the production team or DC had anything to do with. They didn’t really promise a Season 3, they hinted at working on it but it obviously never come to fruition. They did what they could and I’m happy that we got to see this show at all. Don’t go pointing fingers unnecessarily.

  2. GGreen Dragon

    don’t blame the producers

    blame those bean-counters at cartoon network

  3. Rruben west crock

    @ Green Dragon well i had a plan of my Own YJ story, its continued after the Invasion can it be air in 2014 ?

  4. JJC

    Is there any posibility at all that the show can be picked up by another network ala Spectacular Spider-Man? If so WB animation should shop it around.

  5. DDennis

    I really don’t like cartoon network. Every single time I like a DC show they air, they turn around and cancel just when it’s starting to peak. I don’t understand how all the drivel they air stays on in perpetuity but decent shows make it a season maybe two and cancelled. Makes no sense to me. It is a shame because I was really looking forward to what season 3 may hold for Young Justice. Shame on you Cartoon Network.

    • RRuben West Crock

      blame the CEO BROO blame the old freak Stuart Synder

  6. JJohn Jamson

    Is there something what usual people like us can do?
    I want to have at least a 3rd season of YJ.
    Can we build up “initiative” to get that show back? Something like voting on Facebook or anything else.
    I mean there must be something at least which should count and get this show back.

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