La-La Land Records Announces “Superman: The Animated Series,” “Batman: The Brave And The Bold” Soundtracks

La-La Land Records has provided The World’s Finest with the exclusive first details and artwork for the upcoming soundtrack releases Superman: The Animated Series – Original Soundtrack from the Warner Bros. Television Series and Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Music from the DC Comics Animated Television Series. The acclaimed label will release a four-disc compact disc set for the classic Superman: The Animated Series and a two-disc compact disc set for much-beloved Batman: The Brave and The Bold on January 28th, 2014. The soundtrack release for both series will include an assortment of tracks featuring music from the entire run of both DC Comic-inspired animated shows.

According to La-La Land Records, the release date for these new soundtrack titles is 12pm (PST) on January 28th, 2014 at both and other soundtrack boutiques. Superman: The Animated Series – Original Soundtrack from the Warner Bros. Television Series will be a limited release of 3000 copies, and Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Music from the DC Comics Animated Television Series will be limited to 2000. Continue below for the complete track listing and cover artwork, exclusively revealed first at The World’s Finest, along with initial press details.

On Jan 28th, at 12noon (PST), La-La Land Records will proudly release two fantastic limited edition DC Comics/WB Animation scores: SUPERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES: LIMITED EDITION (4-CD SET) and BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET). The 4-Disc Superman set features a 36 page booklet and the 2-Disc Batman set features a 24 page booklet – both with attractive art and exclusive, in-depth liners. As with many La-La Land Releases, autographed copies will be available to the first customers who order these titles at when the titles are released on 1/28 at 12noon (PST). Autographed copies are not guaranteed and will only available while supplies last.

LLLCD 1276
Music by Kristopher Carter, Harvey R. Cohen, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis & Shirley Walker
Limited Edition of 3000 Units

DISC 1 (78:59)
1 SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES-Main Title (Shirley Walker) 1:07
2 Krypton Opening/Monster Attack 2:37
3 Family Theme 1:12
4 Earthquake/Jor-El Appeals* 1:59
5 Brainiac Confrontation* 2:14
6 Jor-El Escapes Arrest/Jor-El Outside 1:52
7 Decision to Send Kal-El 3:01
8 Brainiac Leaves Krypton*/ Kal-El Leaves Krypton*/** 1:43
9 Recap (The Last Son of Krypton, Part II)* 1:07
10 Kal-El Lands on Earth/Couple Find Kal-El 2:09
11 Clark’s Abilities/Clark Meets His Parents 3:19
12 Clark’s First Flight*** 2:24
13 News Program Source :32
14 Industrial Film Source 1:10
15 Superman Rescues Lois*/ Missile Hits Airliner* 3:13
16 Recap (The Last Son of Krypton, Part III)* 1:00
17 Superman Saves Airliner* 2:39
18 Clark’s Identity Crisis* :56
19 Lois Abducts Bibbo/Lois Meets John 1:46
20 Clark Recognizes Ship*/Orders to Kill Lois* 2:05
21 Robot Loose in City* 2:08
22 Lois Gets Story* 1:03
MONKEY FUN (Lolita Ritmanis)
23 Family Pet 2:00
24 Titano Lost and Found 2:06
25 Monkey Business/Babysitting With Fleas/Bacteria Attack* 2:07
26 Jimmy Runs Away* 1:01
27 Monkeys on the Loose*/Superman Cages Lions 1:54
28 Titano at the Dock 1:53
29 Titano/Amusement Park* 1:37
30 Superman vs. Titano 1:39
31 Pop Goes the Weasel (Traditional, arr. L. Ritmanis) :37
32 Titano Relocated 1:13
TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Kristopher Carter)
33 Tank Attack* 3:04
34 Meet Kanto/Mannheim Gets Gloves 1:22
35 Train Wreck/Train Robbery 1:31
36 To the Rescue* 1:44
37 Turpin Resigns 1:11
38 Prisoner Turpin/Superman Finds Turpin/Turpin Saves Superman* 3:55
39 Superman Thanks Turpin*/ Planet Apokolips* 1:20
TOOLS OF THE TRADE—Bonus Track (Kristopher Carter)
40 Train Wreck/Train Robbery (Alternate) 1:51
Video End Credits (Shirley Walker) 2:37
THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON, PART III—Bonus Music-And-Effects Track
42 Superman Destroys Robot* (H. Cohen)/Superman Spurns Lex* (M. McCuistion)/Brainiac Returns* (L. Ritmanis) 3:07

DISC 2 (78:59)
1 THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—Main Title (Shirley Walker) 1:05
WORLD’S FINEST, PART I (Michael McCuistion)
2 Closing Time*/Joke in the Box Source*/ Batman Takes Evidence* 1:37
3 Terrorists on Plane* 1:11
4 Lois Talks to Superman/Lois Beats Herself Up :58
5 Joker Abducts Lex 1:20
6 Lex & Joker Make a Deal/Lois Meets Bruce 1:42
7 Joker Undoes Carlini 1:27
8 WayneLex T-7 :52
9 First Dance 1:11
10 Batman Shows Up/Binko’s Bad Night*/Batman Bugs Superman* 3:29
WORLD’S FINEST, PART II (Michael McCuistion)
11 Recap (World’s Finest, Part II) :38
12 Bruce and Lois Go Out/Joker Crashes Date/Joker’s Plan 2:23
13 Batwing Takes Off*/Superman Meets Joker* 1:39
14 Batman Saves Superman* 3:08
15 Batman Makes His Exit :29
16 Harley Cheers Up Joker/Lex Meets With Joker 2:01
17 Batman Pays Lex a Visit/Superman Flies By* 1:14
18 Jet Pac Transportation*/Joker Uses Robot 1:12
WORLD’S FINEST, PART III (Michael McCuistion & Lolita Ritmanis)
19 Recap (World’s Finest, Part III) (M. McCuistion) :35
20 Ship in Distress (M. McCuistion) 1:45
21 Batman Drops In/ Batman Unmasked/ Superman Stops Robot (M. McCuistion) 1:30
22 Batman Has to Leave/Lex Sets Up Joker (M. McCuistion) 1:28
23 Arrival at Lab*/Robots Battle Superman*/Batman Gets to Lexwing* (L. Ritmanis) 6:04
24 Lexwing Crashes* (M. McCuistion) 2:22
25 Bruce Returns to Gotham* (M. McCuistion) 1:08
26 Stopping Traffic/Reading the Comics/The Statue Moves 2:43
27 Chickens/Setting the Rules 3:23
28 A Close Shave*/Proofreading/Apartment Source 3:52
29 Building Battle Suit 1:54
30 Clark’s Calendar/Office Menagerie/Aerial Chase* 4:50
31 Why Am I Eating This? :56
FATHER’S DAY (Shirley Walker)
32 Scream Machine Lands/Superman vs. Machine 3:56
33 Desaad’s Tricky Plan 1:26
34 Kalibak Comes to Earth/Kalibak Trashes Minerva 1:56
35 Kalibak Ambushes Superman :48
36 Superman vs. Kalibak/Fight on Train Track 2:04
37 Battle Continues/Power Struggle 3:25
38 Darkseid Beams Superman 2:21
FATHER’S DAY—Bonus Track (Shirley Walker)
39 Restaurant Source 1:07
40 THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—End Credits (Shirley Walker) :35

DISC 3 (78:36)
1 SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES— Twenty-Second Promo (Shirley Walker) :26
IN BRIGHTEST DAY… (Michael McCuistion)
2 Kyle Catches Thief :58
3 Abin Makes Ring Choose/Ring Chooses Kyle* 3:27
4 Kyle Is Green Lantern :32
5 Superman Finds Abin/Sinestro Wants the Ring 2:22
6 Superman Meets Guardian :44
7 Kyle Saves Little Girl/Fight Continues 3:02
8 Superman Helps Council/Fight for Power/Kyle Wins Battle 4:05
9 Kyle’s Their Man 1:16
A LITTLE PIECE OF HOME (Kristopher Carter)
10 Break-In at the Museum* 2:14
11 Lex Sees Superman Weak*/Waiting for a Reaction :51
12 Lois Gets a Phone Call/Steal Treasury Plates*/No Deal with Lex* 5:31
13 Lois Visits S.T.A.R. Labs/Superman vs. Dinosaur*/Superman Throws Rock* 4:26
LIVEWIRE (Harvey R. Cohen)
14 Wake-Up Source 1:30
15 Construction Crane/Prevents Crane Accident* 2:42
16 Centennial Park Source 1:15
17 Leslie Becomes Livewire* 1:37
18 Livewire Checks Out :59
19 Metamorphosis Complete 1:07
20 She Turns Off the Light/Tower of Power Is Back 1:31
21 Superman Averts Planes* :59
22 Livewire Gets Recharged*/Caution Sign 3:41
APOKOLIPS…NOW!, PART I (Kristopher Carter)
23 Maggie Brings Cash :51
24 Hovercraft Steals Truck/Superman Fights Craft/Superman & Broken Glass 2:56
25 Darkseid Arrives*/Orion Arrives 2:10
26 New Genesis & Apokolips* 2:55
27 Air Base Battle/Orion Zaps Hovercraft/Orion Wins at Air Base* 3:20
28 Mannheim at Power Plant :33
29 Orion Goes Back 1:24
30 Power Plant Explodes*/Superman Sees Explosion 1:20
APOKOLIPS…NOW!, PART II (Kristopher Carter)
31 Recap (Apokolips…Now!, Part II) 1:00
32 Hamilton Has Bad News 1:06
33 Meet Steppenwolf :26
34 Steppenwolf Arrives*/Missiles Bring Down Superman 2:11
35 Demons Take Over City/Attack of the Demons* 2:01
36 Superman Puts Out Fire* 1:44
37 Darkseid Appears* 1:00
38 Dan Fights Demons* 1:39
39 Apokoliptic War Machine/Darkseid Takes Control* 1:14
40 Orion to the Rescue*/Dan’s Funeral 4:42
41 THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—Twenty-Second Promo :26 (Shirley Walker)

DISC 4 (79:00)
1 SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES — Ten-Second Promo (Shirley Walker) :16
LITTLE GIRL LOST, PART I (Lolita Ritmanis)
2 Journey Through Space 2:43
3 Superman Enters Chamber/Kala’s Story/Superman Finds Kara 3:02
4 Kara Flies 1:17
5 Intergang Interest/Intergang Arrives :28
6 Gang Fights Superman* 2:38
7 Granny Knows Best/Kara Joins Jimmy :48
8 Following Gang Into Building :45
9 Granny Takes Control**** 2:52
10 Recap (Little Girl Lost, Part II) :53 11 Surrounded 1:53
12 Superman Is Captured*/Kara Leaves for Apokolips 3:23
13 Kara Arrives on Apokolips**** 1:18
14 Kara Escapes Parademons**** 2:00
15 Superman Kneels*/Darkseid’s Prediction/Get Back Home* 3:31
16 Stop Comet*/Superman Catches 2:50
17 Supergirl’s OK 1:07
FEEDING TIME (Michael McCuistion)
18 Toxic Waste* 2:28
19 Rudy Becomes Toxic/Goo on Superman’s Finger* 1:24
20 Parasite Saps Police* 1:16
21 Parasite Visits LeBeau*/Parasite Saps Superman’s Energy* 2:23
22 Parasite Can’t Rob Bank :32
23 Parasite Attacks Clark/His New Meal Plan* :49
24 Jimmy Gets Idea 2:19
25 Superman Saves Jimmy/Saved by a Bug* 2:25
LEGACY, PART I (Shirley Walker)
26 Planet Attack 2:20
27 Leader Revealed 1:27
28 Kal-El’s Dream 1:20
29 Brainwashed 2:01
30 Supergirl Chases Robot 2:01
31 Lex Knows :34
32 Ready for Battle :49
33 Kal-El Attacks Earth :57
34 Lex Kills Kal-El 3:53
LEGACY, PART II (Shirley Walker)
35 Recap (Legacy, Part II) :28
36 Taken Prisoner 1:37
37 Superman Tries to Escape 2:09
38 Lois Springs Superman*** 3:47
39 Lois Comforts Superman*** 2:08
40 Return to Apokolips 1:20
41 Superman vs. Furies 1:01
42 Superman vs. Darkseid 2:16
43 Darkseid Prevails 2:07
44 Lois and Superman :46
45 SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES—End Credits (Shirley Walker) :35
Total 4CD Time: 5:15:34

* Includes thematic material by Shirley Walker
**Includes thematic material by Michael McCuistion
***Includes thematic material by Lolita Ritmanis
****Includes thematic material by Kristopher Carter

LLLCD 1289
Music by Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis & Kristopher Carter
Limited Edition of 2000 Units

1. Batman: Brave and the Bold Main Title§ 0:33
2. Original Beetle Flashback*** 2:05
3. The Search** 2:19
4. History Lesson** 1:05
5. The Ideal Society* 2:24
6. Initiate Attack Sequence** 1:25
7. Ted’s Sacrifice* 1:40
8. Island Blows Up*** 2:37
9. Worthy Jaime*** 0:47
10. No Rest For The Weary*** 2:17
11. Through The Door** 0:21
12. My Son, Tornado Champion** 2:19
13. Major Disaster* 2:03
14. Father Son Bonding*** 2:57
15. Conversation By The Sea*** 1:28
16. Internal Change*** 1:37
17. The Logical Solution* 2:11
18. Dare to Love* 1:54
19. Who Am I?** 1:41
20. Gentlemen Ghost Busted*** 2:41
21. Action In The Sky** 1:39
22. Plastic Man Origin* 0:57
23. Flashback Defense* 1:11
24. Oa Arrival*** 1:21
25. Prisoner Roundup*** 1:37
26. Return To Camelot* 2:09
27. Etrigan Transformation** 0:38
28. Forest Fight** 2:17
29. Ogre Altercation* 1:59
30. Morgan Enslaves Bats*** 0:45
31. Castle Fight*** 1:53
32. Dragon Transformation* 2:18
33. Morgan Defeated** 1:21
34. Etrigan Departs** 0:44
35. Faust Battle* 2:03
36. Aquaman On The Scene** 1:14
37. Orm And Manta Plot*** 1:29
38. Fighting Fish Fun*** 1:38
39. Call Me Ocean Master** 1:53
40. Bat Chum*** 0:48
41. Black Manta’s Showtime** 1:18
42. Shrimp To The Rescue* 2:44
43. A King Is Born** 0:48
44. Meet Bat-Mite*** 1:59
45. Villains & Holidays* 1:54
46. UFOs and Alien Monsters* 1:16
47. Run Bat-Mite Run*** 1:28
48. Bat-Mite Goes Home*** 1:04
49. Just Like Green Arrow** 0:28
Total Disc Time: 79:17

1. Black Orchid Snags Ivy*** 2:42
2. Catwoman Seeks Cloak*** 1:21
3. Thugs Emerge From Smoke** 1:07
4. Catwoman Steps Out** 1:08
5. Cloak Reveal** 1:16
6. Get The Birds Of Prey** 0:53
7. Matches Montage*** 1:52
8. Outsiders vs. Despero*** 3:06
9. Jonah’s Back In Town* 0:46
10. Jonah’s Hand** 1:11
11. I Aim To Repay My Debt* 2:07
12. Enter Mongal** 1:26
13. Furies Attack*** 1:30
14. Bats Hex Face Mongal*** 0:57
15. Mongul’s Savagery** 1:36
16. Giddyap!* 1:31
17. Manta Machine Fight*** 2:53
18. Wildcat** 3:24
19. Motorcycle Chase* 1:40
20. Subway Fight* 0:58
21. Slug Is Sleazy And Slimy** 1:18
22. Wildcat Tricks Slug* 3:36
23. Mystery Montage* 0:57
24. Armed And Dangerous** 2:49
25. Joker Revealed* 1:24
26. Your Car Or Mine?* 2:09
27. Don’t Touch That* 1:17
28. Death Trap** 1:11
29. Sinister** 1:07
30. Seduction And Pulse** 1:56
31. Batmania Battle* 2:32
32. Joker Laughs Last*** 1:11
33. Cadabra And Zatana** 2:25
34. Young Wayne’s Oath* 1:10
35. Confession*** 1:33
36. Tiki Tavern Souce** 0:30
37. Moxin Crashes Ball*** 2:05
38. Casual Contract* 0:55
39. Batman vs. Everyone* 1:41
40. The Slinking Coward** 2:43
41. Jazzy Action Source** 0:50
42. Ambush Bug Materializes** 1:28
43. Bat-Mite Goes Too Far* 1:31
44. Bats Reverts To Norm*** 1:42
45. If Only Piano Source** 1:09
46. Batman: Brave and the Bold End Titles§ 0:36
Total Disc Time: 75:05

§ composed by Andy Sturmer * composed by Michael McCuistion
** composed by Lolita Ritmanis *** composed by Kristopher Carter

Total Album Time: 154:22

Superman: The Animated Series – Original Soundtrack from the Warner Bros. Television Series and Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Music from the DC Comics Animated Television Series will both be available to order on January 28th, 2014 from La-La Land Records, available both directly from the label and other major retailers. Check out the Superman: The Animated Series subsite and the Batman: The Brave and The Bold subsite for further details on both shows.

Additional soundtrack releases based on animated content inspired by DC Comics characters are expected to be released throughout the year.

Stay tuned for further updates here soon at The World’s Finest.

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  3. Avatar
    Cyndi Freel

    This is why La-La Land continues to be the premier ‘film score’ record label. While we fans continue to watch their rivals re-release vintage works, frequently with minimal new content or virtually indiscernible restoration work, La-La Land intuitively knows not only what fans want, but the importance of releasing and ‘saving’ unacknowledged but brilliant music from composers. The work done by composers Kristopher Carter, Harvey R. Cohen, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis & Shirley Walker, from groundbreaking classic SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES reflects a time at Warner Animation where live orchestra sessions were still used in scoring an animated series. La-La Land has consistently recognized the historic importance of the music and composers from any film or television series based upon the project and and music’s cultural, intellectual and dramatic historical impact . Their efforts and courage in releasing soundtracks for the DC Universe Animated Original Films introduced the world to the brilliance of previously unknown composers such as Christopher Drake. Now they have insured the innovative combination of traditional orchestra and electronic scoring from SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES will live on forever. Here again is La-La Land releasing music other labels don’t even have the vision to see the importance of, and the pent-up desire for it on the part of film score fans. This is why, when fans look at an advance notice such as this, detailing a 4 disc set complete with the type of insightful liner notes we’ve come to always get from La-L-La Land, we don’t bat an eye at the price of $59.98. We instead realize what an incredible deal it is, await the noon hour we can order it, and continue to ignore announcements from other labels regarding inferior soundtrack re-releases. From a Superman fan, thank you so much for this upcoming release. I cannot wait to dive in, enjoy it, and treasure it for years to come.

  4. Avatar
    Traveling Matt

    I am in agreement with your enthusiasm for the DC Universe scores, Cyndi, as well as for your appreciation of LLL as a label particularly, but strongly disagree with your take on the music provided by other labels. Each one of them – and there aren’t many – fill a particular niche among soundtrack collectors (which also don’t number many). Intrada and Kritzerland, in particular, issue premiere releases all the time; Intrada’s been doing it since the 1980s (their deal with Disney continues to bear fruit) while Kritzerland has recently picked up the ball on premiere releases of more vintage soundtracks from 40s, 50s and 60s no one else has touched – ever.

    I’m so, so happy LLL does what they do, especially when they focus on more contemporary scores. But please understand that doesn’t negate what the other labels do. There’s enough out there to interest everyone.

    1. Avatar
      Cyndi Freel

      It is encouraging to hear that Kritzerland has a line-up of soundtracks from the 40s, 50s and 60s which have never been released. Knowing unreleased scores from the past masters, both legendary and under-appreciated, to look forward to is exciting. It also means their efforts in re-releasing past scores I already own will be minimal. For those of us who have been collecting scores since vinyl, it has become frustrating to see the ‘double-dip’ phenomenon that has been occurring with so many scores on labels such as Kritzerland and Intrada. When you’ve been collecting scores on CD since the advent of the format as I have, you grow tired of the re-releases of scores you already own that add little to the CD release you already own.

      Kritzerland’s approach with these vintage scores is THE way to go – offer new, unearthed works that further preserves the music and gives the fans NEW scores.

      The entire music industry is in a tail-spin. All genres saw a decline in physical and download sales last year – and I’m referring to rock, rap, country, alternative rock = the non-soundtrack world. Labels such as Kritzerland and Intrada need to stop the double-dipping and release NEW classic scores if they want to survive. Short of rereleasing a score with 30+ minutes of new material, fans do not have the money – nor dare I say interest – to ‘upgrade’ their soundtrack collection with new releases of scores they already own. Re-releases that, in many cases, are just duplicates of what they already own.

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