The World’s Finest Reviews “Batman vs. Two-Face”

The World’s Finest has published its review of the Batman vs. Two-Face, now available to own on home media. In short, the animated movie is a great film which continues the innate brilliance of the original 1960s Batman series while also playing with the formula. Adding some noir-ish trappings to the movie really creates a unique experience, and there’s just enough of it sprinkled in that it never overpowers the very deliberate zany tones of the source material. Batman vs. Two-Face is also a great showcase and send-off for Adam West. To read the complete review, click on the image below.

The World's Finest reviews Batman vs. Two-Face

For more, the Batman vs. Two-Face subsite here at The World’s Finest includes an assortment of video clips, images, content and much more. Click on the review link above to further access the dedicated additional content. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has also released a clip from the movie to promote its home media debut. Check it out in the player below.

Batman vs. Two-Face is now available for purchase through online and traditional retail outlets, both in digital formats and on Blu-ray and DVD. Stay tuned for further reviews and updates in the weeks to come right here at The World’s Finest.

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