The World’s Finest Reviews “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”

The World’s Finest has published its review of the DC Universe Movie title Superman: Man of Tomorrow, which is available on Digital HD and physical media, including 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Pack. In short, Superman: Man of Tomorrow is an intriguing reimagining of the early days of DC Comics’ first superhero. While it hits a lot of marks we come to expect from a story such as this, the new ingredients also both flesh out Clark Kent’s world in a humanizing, interesting fashion and will keep viewers drawn in until the end credits.

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The World's Finest reviews Superman: Man of Tomorrow

In addition to a detailed review, the above image link also leads to additional content, including video clips, imagery and more. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment describes Superman: Man of Tomorrow as follows:

It’s the dawn of a new age of heroes, and Metropolis has just met its first. But as Daily Planet intern Clark Kent – working alongside reporter Lois Lane – secretly wields his alien powers of flight, super-strength and x-ray vision in the battle for good, there’s even greater trouble on the horizon. Follow the budding hero as he engages in bloody battles with intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo and fights for his life to halt the attack of power-hungry alien Parasite. The world will learn about Superman … but first, Superman must save the world!

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