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  1. Whale Mutant Kun

    Well it deserves renewal because it manage to keep everything fun and fresh. I never thought I will like seeing a Suburban dad Joker who feuds with a Karen. I heard Kiteman will be given a spin off.

  2. || Maddie ||

    Season 3 has been Good.The third season is very amusing. This news came as a huge comfort to me. This is definitely wonderful news after the recent Warner Bros. content massacre. I was scared of this show’s fate after what happened to Arrowverse and Batgirl.

  3. george mendes

    My HBO Max subscription is only on whenever there is a Season of this show. This is what a Deadpool cartoon should have been like.

  4. Carson20t

    Well when the funs are happy with the exciting episodes then why not continue producing more,harley-quin is fun to watch and i also am skeptical as why those two characters had to be intimate now when they were perfect as friends.Friendship is awesome.

  5. ReginaKetchum

    This Show made me accept the fact I am lesbian. I am living my truth now! My parents cannot complain about me ending the bloodline as I got pregnant at 16. I already gave them grand kids.

  6. benimaru

    @Whale Mutant Kun I will just to get a Kiteman Spin off. I am happy he will have his own series now.

  7. Jaspreet

    I liked the previous 2 seasons but got busy with something that kept me away from the 3rd and now since the 4th one is coming I am more excited.

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