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Guide - Special - Batman: Black & White

In 1996, DC Comics launched the first volume in a series of special black & white anthology titles starring Batman. Titled Batman: Black & White, these anthology titles offered tales diving into the darkest corners of Batman's psyche while pitting him against his greatest foes. Over 25 years later, DC Comics is still publishing new Batman: Black & White content.

Issue #1 from the first volume of the anthology series, released in 1996, included a special tale by Bruce Timm, with the story taking place in continuity adjacent to Batman: The Animated Series. Continue below for details on the issue plus the short story itself.

Batman Black & White: Two of A Kind
Batman: Black and White (1996) #1

High-tech facial reconstruction surgery saves Harvey Dent and helps eliminate his alter ego, Two-Face! But will his tumultuous new relationship with a set of bombshells drag him back into the mouth of madness? Written and drawn by the Emmy Award-winning Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited).

Click on the thumbnails below to read the entire anthology story, released by DC Comics to read for free.

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