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Batman: The Animated Series – Episodes

Episode Reviews
This list is in airdate order. For production order, refer to the Episode Guides.
For the individual episode title cards, refer to the BTAS / TABR Title Card Gallery

Season 1
The Cat And The Claw, Part 1
The Cat And The Claw, Part 2
On Leather Wings
Heart Of Ice
Feat Of Clay, Part 1
Feat Of Clay, Part 2
It’s Never Too Late
Joker’s Favor
Pretty Poison
Nothing To Fear
Be A Clown
Appointment In Crime Alley
The Clock King
The Last Laugh
Eternal Youth
Two-Face, Part 1
Two-Face, Part 2
Fear Of Victory
I’ve Got Batman In My Basement
Prophecy Of Doom
The Forgotten
Mad As A Hatter
The Cape & Cowl Conspiracy
Perchance To Dream
The Underdwellers
Night Of The Ninja
The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne
Tyger, Tyger
Dreams In Darkness
Beware The Gray Ghost
Cat Scratch Fever
I Am The Night
Almost Got ‘Im
Moon Of The Wolf
Terror In The Sky
Christmas With The Joker
Heart Of Steel Pt. 1
Heart Of Steel Pt. 2
If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?
Joker’s Wild
His Silicon Soul
Off Balance
What Is Reality?
The Laughing Fish
Harley and Ivy
The Mechanic
The Man Who Killed Batman
Robin’s Reckoning, Part 1
Robin’s Reckoning, Part 2
Birds Of A Feather
Blind As A Bat
Day Of The Samurai
See No Evil
The Demon’s Quest, Part 1
The Demon’s Quest, Part 2
Read My Lips
Fire From Olympus

Season 2
Shadow Of The Bat, Part 1
Shadow Of The Bat, Part 2
The Worry Men
Paging The Crime Doctor
House and Garden

Season 3
Second Chance
Riddler’s Reform
Baby Doll
Time Out Of Joint
Harley’s Holiday
Make ‘Em Laugh
Batgirl Returns
Deep Freeze

Season 4
The Terrible Trio
A Bullet For Bullock
The Lion And The Unicorn

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero

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